Resident Survey

The AKNA IT project will produce choice for affordable communication services. Without choice selecting affordable options for these services are unlikely if not impossible. Thank you for responding.

AKNA Mail 2

We began this project in June 2015 following a visit from Chris Wasserman, Verizon Engineer.  He agreed to answer any question.  We sent four in July 26, 2015.  He responded August 12, 2015. From: Wasserman, Christopher Sent: Wed August 12, 2015 11:51 AM To: Rex Curry Subject: Albemarle Questions What will the installation cost anything?  … Continue reading AKNA Mail 2

AKNA Mail 1

Letters to Verizon and our political representatives were mailed 7.17.2015The image above represents our first set of formal letters to Verizon officials and AKNA political representatives. We shall see if a response occurs and report them in future posts. (See ongoing communication with V-Engineer here. The correspondence went to Verizon’s engineering staff, the heads of … Continue reading AKNA Mail 1

Susan Crawford

This is not about us. The most important hour you can spend on this issue is with Susan Crawford. Here's why: Americans need a fast, reliable Internet. They are not getting it. The market has failed to supply this new, but basic need. A utility model will make it available at reasonable prices for all. Public pressure … Continue reading Susan Crawford