Rex L. Curry

Executive Director Development Officer VP Planning
Program DevelopmentStrategic Planning Action Research Staff Training

Decades in managing planning projects, editing and publishing demographic and environmental impact reports has proven to me than no one reads, but everyone writes. My experience is extensive in strategic planning and organizational development services. I still do that work, because meaning is in people. I design education and training programs for intensive learning experiences. My housing development planning, historic preservation services and commercial market analysis skills are built on team leadership methods. I can still do them, but the price is high enough so I don’t have to do them anymore. My experience in coordinating teams, managing tasks and achieving goals is still good.
Associate Director University Research & Technical Assistance Center: I have enjoyed a distinguished career as the Associate Director of Pratt Institute’s Center for Community Development. I directed planning studies and research services for nonprofit development corporations throughout New York City and the metropolitan region.
Development Director: Over the last ten years, I led four- to seven-member teams of architects, planners, program developers and consultants in the identification, feasibility and pre-development phases of major economic development projects throughout New York City.
Developed National Organization: I developed and implemented all outreach operations of the national Association for Community Design (ACD) as its President and Treasurer for over ten years. ACD now has a design center membership representing forty cities in the United States.
International Experience: My career afforded me the opportunity to contribute as a visiting scholar to the Centre for Housing Research, a part of the Adam Smith School of Economics at Glasgow University.

Professional Experience

  • Directed university-based advocacy architecture and planning center. (Center for Community and Environmental Development) I Supervised all planning programs (See: Pratt Institute/PICCED) Planning research program developer, manager and community planner. Supervision of research, planning and architectural staff. Extensive team and organizational development experience.
  • Training and Development, Marketing Analysis, Client Services and Support
  • Specialized knowledge of government policy and federal, state and municipal programs serving community revitalization and economic development goals.
  • Development of Geographic Information System (GIS) programs for comprehensive community development analysis.
  • Direction and development of community-planning studies and research reports leading to housing production, community facility development.Design and management of professional education and training programs, including instruction in comprehensive planning, neighborhood analysis studios, historic preservation and self-directed social action courses.
  • Planned and developed a national network serving community research, urban planning and architectural professionals dedicated to serving the needs of socially and economically distressed communities. Recently completed design and implementation of a database-backed web site: Association for Community Design (ACD) with one of the designers of LinkedIn.

Administrative Experience

Associate Director of PICCED (1985-2005) Directed university-based advocacy architecture and planning center. Supervised all planning programs. Identified and developed staff for GIS program. Established and funded position of Director of GIS.

Assistant Professor (1988 – Current). A member of the School of Architecture’s City and Regional Planning faculty at Pratt Institute and City College creating courses in neighborhood planning,and land use analysis, historic preservation, and social action. Funded studios range from $5,000 to $20,000.

President of the National Association for Community Design, Inc. (1989-1991 and 1994-1996) Liaison Member of the Regional and Urban Design Committee of the American Institute of Architects. Served as ACD Treasurer (2003-2004). Developed, designed and currently manage ACD’s web site.

Chairman, Urban Design Committee, APA Metro Chapter (2004-Current) Developed and produced a special project entitled Public Process/Public Space: Case Studies in Planning and Urban Design. Project involved conceptualizing the initiative, establishing and designing a database backed web site and logistical support.

Community Economic Development Internship Program Director (1986-1987) Developed and directed specialized program for Executive Directors and Project Managers of community-based development corporations. Reveson Foundation and Ford Foundation provided program funding of $1M over five years. Program served 20 to 25 participants annually.


Albion College: Albion, MI BA, Fine Arts and Literature
Pratt Institute: New York, NY MS, City and Regional Planning
Harvard University: Cambridge, MA Management Training (Professional Education)
Glasgow University, Adam Smith School of Economics Glasgow, UK Community Development Research Fellow

Project Descriptions

A chronological listing that illustrates individual projects is available. (HERE) Each represents the administrative experience, report preparation and in the background substantial interpersonal relations training and public engagement services.

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