The majority of projects consist of residential, business district analysis and institutional development planning, including research on social and economic trends. I directed all of these projects. All of these efforts include the evaluation of investment trends as stimulated by policies such as inclusionary and contextual zoning

Neighborhood Plan for Community District 12 in Manhattan (Washington Heights and Inwood) The plan focused on strategy for a zoning change to stimulate inclusionary housing and neighborhood preservation solutions. Funding $90,000. See:
City College Architectural Center (2005) Consultation with planning and architectural outreach program of the City College of New York. Services include ongoing strategic planning for Policy Board, the identification and selection of service projects, preparation of fundraising narratives and proposals to targeted sources. For additional information, See: CCAC Funding $10,000.  

Pratt Area Community Council (2004-5) Conducted strategic planning research in partnership with Butler + Associates. The project focused on a comprehensive examination of Fort Greene/Clinton Hill (CD2) and Bedford-Stuyvesant (CD3). My analysis was drawn from the U.S. Census from 1960 to 2000 and from the Housing Vacancy Survey. Research and analysis contributed to recommendations identifying new housing and community development opportunities for the PACC Board of Directors and staff. Funding $20,000

Public Places/Public Process (2005) Planning and implementation of a professional program for submission of case studies reviewing civic engagement impacts on design products.
This program was conducted in cooperation with the American Planning Association Metro Chapter. See: APA Project for details (white paper and PowerPoint Presentation).

New Housing New York (2005) Consultant to the American Institute of Architect’s – New York Chapter for design and development of an innovative community development competition. Program has established a site and is currently implementing an affordable housing project to demonstrate innovative financing and construction solutions. Conducted request for qualifications and proposals initiative. For additional in development. See: AIANY/NHNY or Committee

Institute for Urban Design (2005) Research consultant and editor of Urban Design Update.  Produced a special survey edition of reviewing community outreach programs in North American graduate urban design schools. For additional information, please see: March/April News on the Institute website or open and download the table (pdf 280k) Click Here Funding $5,000 

Transportation Job Access Study (2003) Examination of barriers to transportation experienced by low-income workers and welfare recipients. The work builds on the Job Access Reverse Commute plan prepared by the Regional Planning Association. A three-volume report for the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council was produced recommending a combination of incremental and systemic changes in the provision of public transportation services in low-income communities.   Strategic Planning

Chinatown Working Papers Project (2001) Series of research “working papers” to define community development issues completed just before the WTC tragedy on September 11, 2001. My client was the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA). The project produced a CD with an analysis of housing, employment, and investment. A public opinion survey was conducted and reported. See Publications to review Executive Summary. Funded $25,000

Society for the Preservation of Weeksville and Bedford-Stuyvesant History (1985-2005) Long term relationship began with my preparation and filing of the first historic structures report for the NYS Historic Preservation Office and the procurement of Community Development Block Grant Funds to restore and occupy a building on the site. I recruited and supervised the restoration architect’s implementation of the first major restoration of the Houses on Hunterfly Road Historic District. Currently serving as a member of the Board of Trustees, supporting the design process for a fully funded $10,000,000 education building. Recipient of the Society’s Community Service Award.  

The Two Coves Plan (1994 and 2001) Commissioned by Goodwill Industries of Greater New York, Inc., with support of the Surdna Foundation in 1994 to develop a coordinated social service and civic organization partnership. I was contracted in October 2001 to renew the community planning process and research services. Implementation components of planning included the development of community parks and the possible location of new senior housing. Funding: $65,000

A Competitive Gowanus Canal (1987 & 2001) A strategic planning update of the 1987 analysis, The Gowanus Canal Development Study. Both examined land uses and development opportunities for the Gowanus Canal Development Corporation.  This work defined public and private investment real estate investment choices and policies anticipated with the reactivation of a flushing tunnel that failed in 1968. This work is representative of an extensive field survey land use analysis process. Funded: $75,000 More Info

Ossining Strategic Plan (2000) Response to request for technical assistance from Interfaith Council for Action (IFCA) to initiate research and land use analysis. The project introduced a comprehensive field survey instrument for primary data on building occupancy and research on ownership, land-use, and building condition integrated through the local installation of a GIS program for spatial analysis. Funding $22,000.  

Additional project descriptions .: Projects 1990-2000   Index  OD SP DR FR CD ALL_SERVICES

Brooklyn Empowerment Zone (HUD) (1998-1999). The first major use of GIS program staff came at the request of the Brooklyn Borough President. Implemented strategic planning and research leading to a zone designation and the final application. While a zone was not designated, a $3,000,000 Strategic Planning Community grant was awarded by HUD. Funding: $75,000.

Field Survey
Plan for a Competitive Myrtle Avenue (1996) Pratt Area Community Development Corporation and the Neighborhood Based Alliance of Fort Greene An assessment of physical conditions and comprehensive market analysis. The market analysis led to the formation of the Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Program and the subsequent development of a strategic plan. Funding: $120,000 over two years.

Roosevelt Neighborhood Based Alliance (1997). A comprehensive examination of housing and bus i-ness land uses in Roosevelt, NY, a hamlet of Homestead Township in Nassau County, producing site selection for targeting housing preservation assistance to low- and moderate-income households, including plans and data for the delivery of business retention services. Funding: $35,000.

Community Assessment Program (1996) Conducted analysis of Brooklyn’s Church Avenue economic conditions in relation to Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) housing investment strategies. Church Avenue was selected to define market area impacts of housing programs and to identify potential sites for mixed-use development. Report strengthened the position of the Church Avenue Block Association (a business association (CAMBA). Funding $22,000

Brooklyn Sports Study (1986) composed of Market Analysis (Volume 1), Site Selection Final Report (Volume 2) and Development Concept, Feasibility and Economic Impact (Volume 3), 1986 for NYS Urban Development Corporation. The study confirmed and promoted the location of a stadium and arena in Coney Island following extensive alternative site and financing analysis. The location is now a very successful minor league franchise, the Cyclones. Funding $180,000.

Brower Park Scope of Work (1984) Geographic survey and social analysis report for Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs. Team received Award for Service to the Community New York City Parks Council for service to the Brower Park and Brooklyn Children’s Museum scope of work. An extensive program of public participation leading to high-grade rehabilitation of the park. Funding $12,000.

Survey of Industrial Businesses in Steinway (1982) Analysis for New York City Public Development Corporation to describe characteristics of forty firms in the Steinway Industrial Park and to develop a public sector strategy to encourage retention and expansion of companies. Funding $10,000

Canarsie (1980) Special report funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, for a comprehensive area study examining sites for a community-based theater in cooperation with the Gateway National Recreation Area. Funding $10,000.

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