Executive Orders

POTUS-45 Executive Orders are laws that direct federal agencies and officials to implement congressionally established laws or policies. The judiciary can challenge them, and both branches of the legislature can question orders, memorandum, and proclamations. The Federal Registar has a list of them all available for download (HERE). Because trust allows change and distrust obstructs … Continue reading Executive Orders


Following the 2016 American Presidential election, I turned to the writing of Jane Jacobs. I went straight for “Dark Days Ahead” on my library shelf and immediately came across this helpful passage in the first chapter: “…the death or the stagnated moribundity of formerly unassailable and vigorous cultures is caused not by an assault from … Continue reading Suffrage


Metro = Megacity/Megacorp + OBDCEarthdays, urban land use and management in the 21st century Without a national land use policy, America's formation of regional megacities in just over fifty years logically requires some kind of metro-management -- a metro-megacity-corporation. Planners have been criticizing our "land-of-a-thousand micro-governments" for decades, but something has changed that may add traction to solving the … Continue reading Earthdays