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Stimulate Your Hippocampus. Thanks to all the lovers of ghosts who write. Please forgive broken links. I’m still reorganizing. If you have stumbled across this, forgive me, but if I directed you as a prospective partner, or purchased your services, double forgive me. The only political leadership thing I’m working on now involves reflection on System Change. I follow this with an analysis of the attending malfunctions.


We are entering a future when depression and stress can reduce the effectiveness of a complex brain structure embedded deep into the temporal lobe – the Hippocampus. Its primary role is for learning and memory. For this reason alone, I recommend stimulus: exercise, and diet. Do it to sustain active neural pathways. We are going to need them.


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There is a selection of ideas around the fine granular structures of synergy above and (here) balanced by the politics of it all. Synergy is a practice nearly forgotten and greatly needed during interesting times. The Greek poet Archilochus put it best: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog one big thing.” Typhus arrived in Athens in 430 B.C., killing one-third of the Athenian population. Observers still noted how one sufferer harmed another. Some things never change.


The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations will produce an effect greater than the sum of separate efforts. For example, Tweet-O-Rama will allow you to scan messages from about one hundred change agent organizations and people. The question: How and on what issues do they combine to produce a greater effect? Our work gets organized, energized, or unified and mashed up by building a set of posts that allows us to scan messages from change agent organizations.

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All of the entries are unedited and await a final crunch before placement elsewhere. Spend some time reading my thoughts or observations. I appreciate your comments and referrals to new data on recent reflections.

  • Polarized National Politics Will Kill Us
    Regional governing bodies, their perils, and benefits
  • Design Restorative Cities by Region
    Produce urban recurrences through technology
  • The Proof is the Problem
    Data only has meaning in people face-to-face in a place.
  • Density Saves the Wilderness
    Density can end planetary disruptions.

Stories on urban life issues and people’s voices in political leadership are intent on building the proof we need to become our better selves. One well-established vision calls for metropolitan regions with complete fiscal control. The force for this change is drawn from a simple observation. Thanks for your ideas on those four issues.

Polarized US politics yield power to regional bodies. The perils of this change are unknown. I prefer science, over law to see the benefit of these slim multi-state authorities. The “states” of the Republic are becoming political relics. New regional structures are forming rapidly as “corporations” empowered by the agreements of Governors. The short step-by-step, renewable version of the American Republic toward this logical end should follow the U.S. Constitution, but it is silent on this point. Only with the use of our common Hippocampus will this problem be solved. The emotion to accept is “failure.” If you are an urbanist seeking the preeminence of density or an outlander of the city, hoping to save the forest from billions of little houses, the task is clear. Unite on containing urban regions, and you both win. Explore, share, laugh at hopelessness. Everything is possible.

The advantage of new governance systems could be a mandate to design restorative and resilient cities enclosed by natural “take only pictures, leave only footprint” places that are regionally unfragmented. The central task (perhaps the only one) is to produce recurrences through old and new building technologies because if it is true, it has been or can be demonstrated. Having the proof is the central problem.

Data only has meaning in people face-to-face in a place. Succeeding with core density can end planetary disruptions and save the wilderness of our origins. A strict focus on these topics will yield solutions to most urban problems.

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