DoITT Slams Verizon

DoITT is the agency responsible for a level of review.  Please volunteer to delve into its mysteries and possible service to AKNA. Here is a link:   Website: DoITT June 18, 2014  DoITT Report Slams Verizon The New York City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) June 18, 2015 report analyzed Verizon’s FiOS service in New … Continue reading DoITT Slams Verizon

Are We Throttled?

Will The V-Shoe Drop? An excellent Wikipedia summary of Bandwidth throttling describes the intentional slowing of Internet service by an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Throttling can occur at different locations on a network for good reasons such as the prevention of crashing. New "net neutrality" rules by the FCC aim at ending the slowly developing practice of … Continue reading Are We Throttled?


Platforms like Mindmixer, ShareAbouts, ChangeByUs, ioby and others offer new ways to define and solve problems shared by a neighborhood. Ideas become productive (move toward implementation) because these platforms support resource gathering aimed at a problem that people share Three questions: 1.  Anyone with experience with these platforms that may help AKNA get out of the … Continue reading AKNA Tech


Verizon operates its community relations state-by-state. To get involved in the Verizon Foundation you are required to contact your Verizon Community Relations Manager to learn how to get a required invitation. The V-website asks you to use a ZIP code locator to begin the process and to reach our local Community Relations Manager regarding Grant-Related … Continue reading V-Funding

Broadband Map

A click on the map above (or HERE) will take you to a website that illustrates all of the broadband in New York City. The red dot on the map illustrates 380 Ocean, the only building in our area that gets high speed (over 50 Mbps (megabits per second). It is provided by Verizon.  Click … Continue reading Broadband Map

Public Funding

    This link "Find Recovery" will show NYS funding for broadband for a review. Grantee Total Award Type City of New York $13,917,562 Public Computer Centers City of New York SBA $5,962,124 Sustainable Adoption Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc. $14,988,657 Sustainable Adoption ION Hold Co., LLC transferred to ION NewCo Corp. $38,938,988 Infrastructure … Continue reading Public Funding

FCC Stuff

The New York Times Federal Communications NavigatorHere is a brief sample of the most recent coverage. JUN. 3, 2015 Republicans at Senate subcommittee hearing criticize plan by Federal Communications Commission to expand Lifeline program to subsidize broadband Internet access for poor Americans; do not dispute that program could help poor, but cite financial mismanagement and fraud … Continue reading FCC Stuff


An AKNA Inquiry in 2014 to Don Weber, Manager Verizon Investor Relations received the following response: "Thank you for your e-mail.  Any pertinent information regarding Verizon’s investment in and deployment of its FiOS video and broadband services can be found in the quarterly earnings releases which can be accessed through the attached URL.  FiOS will … Continue reading Stockholders