Sandy, Oregon is a rural town of 3600, so they don’t have a whole lot in common with our neighborhood when it comes to information infrastructure. But they did get fed up with ISPs who refused to run a broadband data line to their town hall, and built their own Gigabit fiber network, available to citizens at $40 or $60/month (depending on speed). They did it without using tax dollars, and the project is on track to break even in roughly half the time modeled. Read about how they did it, or watch the video below about all the benefits it is generating for this town.  See the AKNA condition here.

It says a lot that our nation’s largest metropolis cannot cut through the red tape created by the corporations that control our connections to provide that kind of power to its citizens, but a small town can. We’re proud of Sandy’s accomplishment, even if also a little jealous.

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