Furious Yet, Effective

The growth of corporations in energy production, manufacturing and finance will continue to produce great wealth and pain, cover-ups and obfuscations. During the period of the Great Depression, the best counterbalance to huge corporations was an equally vast government with a constitutional mandate to protect people. The counter-attack against “big government” seeks to strip away these … Continue reading Furious Yet, Effective

Wireline 2017

It was a busy April morning in 2017 when three clean, Verizon Cable trucks rolled onto the Terraces with a bunch of scrappy linemen eager to drag us into the twenty-first century. Data-structure, Inc. was just leaving, and it seemed very appropriate to re-read their motto, “You deserve peace of mind.” All of our right-of-way … Continue reading Wireline 2017

Survey Visit

    Byers Engineering Company 285 Davidson Ave., Suite 203 Somerset, NJ 08873-4153 Survey visit “for right of way” occured again on August 20, 2015 with a drop by visit from Chris Wojtowicz of Byers Engineering  He confirmed Verizon's Engineer, Wasserman’s opinion that a Fiber line presented along the roof-top gutter was the best option. See … Continue reading Survey Visit