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Wireline 2017

It was a busy April morning in 2017 when three clean Verizon Cable trucks rolled onto the Terraces with many scrappy linemen eager to drag us into the twenty-first century. The truth is the opposite. We dragged them in with every trick and organizing skill we could muster. Data-structure, Inc. was leaving, and it seemed very appropriate to re-read their motto, “You deserve the peace of mind of a good shredding.”

All of our right-of-way forms signed, our dedicated research, calls, and inquiries have become fruitful.   We even discovered that William Freshwater is, in fact, a real person who is responsive and professional.  With this arrival, we have a complete understanding of intent, even though Verizon remains puzzled about the future of its technology.  It’s OK. Verizon is big like the trucks they use to get the job done. It takes a while to get them rolling. The best metaphor for investments that really pay off.

Taking complete stock of the fiber-optic cable question is complicated. The initial assumption was Verizon would follow the old Cooper and establish new household ports of extraordinary capacity. Instead, the cap expenditure folks at Verizon began to anticipate technology changes upward of 5G of the wireless world.

The long line strategy is the build-out to places like us. It will be useful for densification from wireline to wireless.  We remain in your service as you ours.  Until, of course, we are not.  Capitalism at its best.

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