From 1800 to 2000, planning, engineering and architecture, served to create a vast expansion of the urban world. It was not until the beginning of the 21st century that the consequences of this act turned elusively unpleasant. Now over eighty-five percent of Americans and half the world live in the midst of it and it remains a vague notion.

The Albemarle Report is exploring methods of participation for a small number of participants from neighborhoods to regions forming a global community. The contributors may not share a common set values but are willing to retain the right of building common interests. The three regions below can be anywhere in the world. The story can move from the Inwood neighborhood near Sherman’s Creek to a review of the regions response to climate change and the national response in initiatives such as the Green New Deal.

The articles listed under these geographic headings lead to others, and still others. They are like the trillions of leaves from billions of trees that gather energy, share their reach to the sun, and fall to nurture an unknown future.

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