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A Current of Drafts for 2023

The TOC table below has six explorations. They connect writers and contributors to “the news,” AKA present-time history. The aim is to find those who ask if a smart Earth with smart cities is possible. Cities have come first to the task of creating the world we see today. From all the silly little castles of primal organizations to the complexity of what we see now, they remain the intellectual creators of ‘the state.’


The Rubber Ball Problem looks at three components needed to solve for X. It asks how much of the Earth’s crust can be extracted and processed until it isn’t the Earth any longer. Good? Bad? What? That leads to the love question entitled, Knowing Earth. How long will it take to bring humanity into a long and restorative look at itself? More than pictures of things millions of light years in the past – the question is how to get a sense of the Earth that is no longer destructive of the grace it offers in the future.

Refinement in the following posts covers signals of change because we are, as the animal once observed, the Cleaver Meat. The Report sustains that viewpoint as a value proposition. We are clever and that forces a demand on writers and researchers. Please critique the seven priorities chosen by The Report for consideration and comment. Finally, two primary obstacles to progress are explored for comment. One examines the dark side of Magical Thinking, the next offers a brief exercise on the language of climate and change. as an “Ask Why” five times experiment. They are fun, everyone should try one. The To Little Too Late segment seeks feedback for the purpose of sharing references, research, and strategic activism.

The Rubber Ball Problem

  1. Solving for X
  2. The Location X3
  3. The Continuum X2
  4. The Sentient X1

Knowing Earth

  1. Oxygen
  2. MOXIE
  3. Macro Local
  4. Micro Local
  5. The Macro/Micro Metaverse
  6. The True and the Heuristic
  7. The Exponential Universe

Clever Meat

  1. Clever Meat
  2. Seven Signals of Change

Magical Thinking

  1. Awareness is Growing Strangely
  2. How Partisanship Intends to Work.
  3. How Partisanship Works Now.
  4. Demand Sum

Climate Change of Mind

  1. Why Five Times
  2. Once Again, Together or Separately

Too Late and Too Soon

  1. What is Owned?
    1. Ownership Stakes
  2. Tipping Points
    1. Tip(1): Spatial Construction
    2. Tip(2): Control Standards
    3. Tip(3): Intellectual Property
    4. Tip(4): Deconstruction (ism)
    5. Tip(5): Berra McLuhan (ism)
  3. Too Late and Too Soon

The Report is thankful for readers’ insight into this unedited convolution of views. One final note, as Report readers know, participants share a “no one is as smart as all of us” approach to the development of ideas. Accordingly, the narrative is in a constant state of revision.

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