As free broadcast TV comes to the end of its dominance, and the era of “news according to me” enters the mainstream, all people will need new ways to compare their personal experiences with what they are getting from personalized bitstreams.  It is a challenge to Americans to sustain their ability to think independently. Please make recommendations.

The videos offered here were found in the stream by readers and recommended.  Knowing that ads are still the best use of the medium these selections will be about one minute on the question, “why we are suffering?”  Please recommend video presentations that meet the one minute(ish) rule.  Podcasts are wide open so if you come across one, go here to recommend.  Thanks for this one on how:

The theory of rapid cognition is getting proven. That you know stuff before is fine, what must remain however is the burden of proof.   Here, for example, are two minutes on the subject:

The solution to these problems exists in one place – you.  Then look for people like Bernie doing everything possible to wake us the hell up.  Break up the banks to reduce their ability to be “too big to fail” and thereby ruining lives and then forcing the American taxpayers to bail them out.

Creating the woke-economy serving all people means leaders are needed “right now” to take on Wall Street, big pharma, and the insurance industry. Look for people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, look at yourself. Have a look at The Sanders Institute.

All you need is to watch the following twelve minutes to see why she beat an incumbent and if you want more at Alexandria Stands did a great two-minute summary via this Twitter Feed of the following.