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I’m retired now, but this is mostly me, except now, I’m worried about the Democracy and remain fascinated by the ability of the urban world to save it. So I stimulate my Hippocampus

Time is…well, time.

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Why We Started (Draft)


We know how different our kids are from the norm, yet we are aware they have much to give us in their special way, and that the world needs them for who they are now and will become.  For me, these differences are why light can push away the dark and why love ends fear and hatred.


At this point, we are incredibly grateful for the work of real genius in our education system.  They recognize all kids found in the ambiguity of the autistic spectrum are an enormous resource that schools cannot dismiss because of their social and learning differences. They made room for us in regular classroom settings as that would be good for our kids, of equal importance, they knew it would be good for all of the other kids and therefore all of us.


This point has greater sensitivity from 2016-2020 because of the pendulum of our democracy has exposed the raw temperament of a segment in our society that responds to hate and intolerance, fear and the horrors of indifference.

What our kids and the rest of us learn from one another and our experience here is more than applicable to the success of our children. These are the lessons of diversity that push and pull a civil society forward in ways that the new ground it stands on cannot be shaken.

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