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This page will develop with a review of university resources (with your help of course). Many of the programs were found at this site (HERE).  A presentation by the Yale Child Study Center puts all programs in the best context. The examples listed below need first-hand accounts if at all possible.

Boston University Supported Education Services

This program is open to all students, while individualized assistance for students with autism disorders continues to develop.  BU programs include participation in research on autism today and students in life sciences who are on the spectrum.

BU conducts “Next Step: College Success and Independent Living”. This is a week-long overnight summer experience for young adults in grades 10-12 with social challenges. This is a college readiness program focused on the development of social and independent living skills for individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome, High Cognitive Autism Spectrum Disorder, Non-verbal Learning Disability and other related differences.

Next Step, a program of the Judge Baker Children’s Center,  runs for a week from late July. Scholarship requests are due on May 20th of each year. For more information, download the full brochure or watch a video on the website. For more help, contact ne******@jb**.edu or call (617-278-4119).

Drexel University Autism Support Program

DASP The program design calls for a diverse cultural experience that includes neurological differences. Peer mentor-training, support from advisors, and for classes and programs helps to assure life in college is developed as a manageable experience. Students can become advocates on campus as a pay forward in support of incoming fresh students.

Fairleigh Dickinson University

In working the maps, I came across the following resource at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and at $40K per semester is this resource cost a downside or upside investment?

FDU offers The Center for Psychological Services.  It houses the COMPASS program, a program specifically designed to meet the comprehensive needs of students with Asperger’s syndrome.

Marshall University Autism Training Center

The Center in West Virginia offers programs help students manage classroom assignments, friendships, and independent lives. Support from advisers is provided on a daily or weekly basis, meetings the faculty are facilitates and finding social activities. This support is in addition to tuition and can approach over $6,000 per year.

Mercyhurst University

  1. The CREATE Summer Program (formerly known as Foundations) is designed for college-bound teenagers with Asperger Syndrome and high-functioning Autism Disorder. The program focuses on the development of spify, students must be in at least the 11th grade. The cost of the program is $4,500 and includes a $200 application fee, room, board, activity fees and tuition for a three-credit college course.   The Autism Initiative at Mercyhurst (AIM) mission is to assure an ASD student finds support in the academic and social aspects of attending college. Students get both group and individual help with building communication/social skills, researching and writing papers, and many other aspects of college that challenge all students.

PACE University

Pace University’s OASIS program provides one of the most comprehensive support services for students with high functioning autism and those with other learning challenges who would like to fulfill their dream of furthering their education.

Note: I visited other program resources but found this one to contain what my son needed after the visit.  You have to go with your kid’s instincts.

Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn State)

Autism Spectrum Post-Secondary Interest Experience (ASPIE).

The ASPIE Program is the perfect opportunity for high school students in grades 9-11 with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and their parents, to obtain valuable information pertaining to post-secondary education and career exploration. The ASPIE program will run for two consecutive days on June 23-24, 2016. It will give participants the opportunity to experience living on campus by staying overnight in the housing complex

Rochester Institute of Technology

The Spectrum Support Program page at RIT exhibits a set of faculty guides, personal faculty accounts, recent papers from the Organization for  Autism Research (OAR), a video from the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership (GRASP) and a presentation for faculty in slides that does an excellent job of summarizing the issues affecting ASD college students.

Rutgers Developmental Disabilities Center

The College Support Program for Students on the Autism Spectrum at Rutgers offers a number of choices to experience improved ways to enjoy the college. Examples are a single dorm with no roomies to basic help in classroom participation and studies. Attracting and assisting students with autism spectrum disorders.  Other resources include the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center as a means for identifying assistance from other students, psychologists and other professionals.  Another choice is enrollment in the Asperger’s Disorder College Program supporting goal development, team member services providing advisories on campus life and tips on socializing, studying and other interests.

The College Support Program (CSP) for AS students and its staff transitioned to Rutgers Health Services- Counseling, Alcohol & other Drugs Assistance Program and Psychiatric Services (RHS-CAPS). For additional program information, check

St. Joseph’s University Kinney Center for Autism Education & Support

Resources through the Kinney Center continue to develop by reaching out to the larger autism advocacy community and counseling programs for students on how to live on campus, including events to get students involved.

University of Connecticut

Students and families transition to college with a focus on independent adult life. Students accepted to the university with varying autism spectrum conditions have a support staff.  They offer weekly meetings and a range of services to assure the college experience less intimidating. This is the standard line information.  The Center for Students with Disabilities website has a great deal to offer students.  See: Accommodations

Stevens Institute of Technology

Mission Statement

Stevens will become a premier student-centric technological research university, focusing on areas of true societal need where Stevens possesses significant depth and expertise across multiple disciplines: healthcare and medicine; sustainable energy; financial systems; defense and security; and STEM education. As our education and research capacity grows in these areas, so will our influence.

Service to our Kids: The Office of Disability Services exists to assist individuals with disabilities to have an opportunity for full participation and equal access to campus programs and services, in alignment with federal standards and state regulations. A straightforward four-step process is outlined on SIT website (HERE)

In Development

Hofstra University

Recently recommended to review for AS students. No review as yet.