University Map

Responses from faculty, staff, students, and parents regarding their experience with university selection, admissions, enrollment, and support offices will be developed in this part of the website.  See “Programs” for the development of a workable list and more detail.


Double click to zoom in and select a location, school, and contact links. This effort is nothing compared to Naviance. This hopes to be more personal than the “comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals…” 

Select a location on the map and a link to the main website and to offices that appear to address the needs of ASD and AS students is provided.  Most are in the larger context of special needs services and accommodations.

This is the first shot at this, so feedback is greatly needed via “comments” below and “subscriptions” in the right column.  Also, anything about the school you believe will be useful to parents.

The national database is just over 170 colleges and universities.  It can expand to include additional links to resources meeting the needs of AS and ASD students.  Schools where AS and ASD students have attended or are currently attending can be highlighted and reviewed in this forum.

If you can contribute to the development of this section, please use the comment section below and subscribe to posts (right).  The data set is currently organized by State and NS Canada; however, other criteria for presentation in alternative formats such as alphabetically by school name or STEM or liberal arts can be added to the map section.  It could expand to include other parts of the world.

The priority first step will be to work this set for a while and assure accuracy.  The data is set up with (color markers by State)

A second layer is in development based on a list developed from other references such as the Princeton Review for universities throughout the United States.  The objective is to find well-developed programs serving students with learning differences.

Many emphasize the “metacognitive” or “learning how to learn” services in the first year or two. Individuals who have experience with any of these universities or wish to add others, please use the contact form.