Recommendations for video descriptions of life with AS or ASD will develop here. There are two presentation styles, those by people on the spectrum and those by a daunting range of educational, medical or psychological advisors.

Note how the presentations by AS/ASD people talk about ability and unique perspective and how advisors present management, coping systems, and services. Find the meeting points.

For example, Temple Grandin describes her abilities as a photorealistic thinker in her presentation. Other presentations are sought about “pattern thinking” (e.g. good at music and math) or about the “verbal mind”, a person who knows facts well but may be poor at drawing.

Use the form below to make recommendations and thank you.

The presentation below provides is the other main type of presentation.  It is a baseline for all parents on the subject of college.  Please use the form below to comment or recommend a resource.

College Selections
“It doesn’t matter how right you are, but how functional.”

This 55min. presentation by Jane Thierfeld Brown, EdD and Fred Volkmar, MD reviews the basics of college program selection and participation. Below and (HERE).


Our Kids Out in the World

MJC Photo

Michael John Carley is in the “we are fine the way we are” group of people with ASD or AS. He has published Asperger’s Inside and Out and may still be working on Unemployed on the Autism Spectrum.  Have a look at his website for his video presentations and his view of the world. (HERE)

Alix Generous is a college student and biology researcher with Asperger syndrome. She stresses the importance of building accepting environments for all kinds of minds.  (Link)

Rosie King challenges stereotypes of people with autism and contextualizes the issue by asking us, “Why be normal?”