Rex L. Curry

Teacher Executive Director • Development Officer • VP Planning • Program Development Staff Training• Strategic Planning • Action Research • Leadership Training


Associate Director University Research & Technical Assistance Center: I have enjoyed a distinguished career as the Associate Director of Pratt Institute’s Center for Community and Environmental Development. I taught Planning Studios and courses in Social Action. I directed planning studies and research services with staff and student aids for nonprofit development corporations throughout New York City and the metropolitan region.

Development Director: Over the last ten years of my career, I led four- to seven-member teams of architects, planners, program developers, and consultants to identify project feasibility and pre-development phases of major economic development projects throughout New York City.

Developed National Organization: I developed and implemented all outreach operations of the National Association for Community Design (ACD) as its President and Treasurer for over ten years. ACD has a design center membership in forty cities in the United States.

International Experience: My career allowed me to contribute as a visiting scholar to the Centre for Housing Research, a part of the Adam Smith School of Economics at Glasgow University.


Associate Director at Pratt Institute Center for Community and Environmental Development. (PICCED). This is a university-based advocacy architecture and community planning service. I supervised all planning programs.

  • Planning research program developer, manager, and community planner
  • Supervision of research, planning, and architectural staff.
  • Assitant Professor Pratt Institute (Planning Studios and Social Action Courses)
  • Extensive team and organizational development experience
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Client services and support with specialized knowledge of government policy and federal, state, and municipal programs serving community revitalization and economic development goals.
  • Development of Geographic Information System (GIS) programs for comprehensive community development analysis.
  • Direction and development of community-planning studies and research reports leading to housing production, community facility development.
  • Design and management of professional education and training programs, including instruction in comprehensive planning, neighborhood analysis studios, historic preservation, and self-directed social action courses.
  • Planned and developed a national professional network serving community-based research, urban planning, and architectural specialists dedicated to serving the needs of socially and economically distressed communities.


Associate Director of PICCED (1985-2005) Directed university-based advocacy architecture and planning center. Supervised all planning programs. Identified and developed staff for the GIS program. Established and funded the position of Director of GIS.

Assistant Professor (1988 – Current). A member of the School of Architecture’s City and Regional Planning faculty at Pratt Institute and City College created neighborhood planning courses, land use analysis, historic preservation, and social action. Funded studios range from $5,000 to $20,000.

President of the National Association for Community Design, Inc. (1989-1991 and 1994-1996) Liaison Member of the Regional and Urban Design Committee of the American Institute of Architects. Served as ACD Treasurer (2003-2004). Developed, designed, and currently manage ACD’s website.

Chairman, Urban Design Committee, APA Metro Chapter (2004-Current) Developed and produced a special project entitled Public Process/Public Space: Case Studies in Planning and Urban Design. The project involved conceptualizing the initiative, establishing and designing a database-backed website, and logistical support.

Chronological listing illustrates proposal development and project administration, teaching and training, report preparation and writing, database-backed website development, interpersonal relations, and public engagement skills.

plans and projects

A brief listing of projects I administered and reported.

Plan for Community District 12 Neighborhood Planning and Land Use Study (2005-2006) in Manhattan (Washington Heights and Inwood) The plan focused on zoning changes needed to stimulate inclusionary housing and neighborhood preservation solutions. One of the important benefits of this plan was a single finding. This area has the highest percentage of rent-stabilized housing in Manhattan. The advice to policymakers is a critical period for social service agencies and community-based nonprofit corporations to strengthen the community’s social capital. Funding $90,000.

Funding $20,000

Pratt Area Community Council (2004-5) Strategic planning research in partnership with Butler + Associates. The project focused on a comprehensive examination of Fort Greene/Clinton Hill (CD2) and Bedford-Stuyvesant (CD3). My analysis drew from the U.S. Census from 1960 to 2000 and from the Housing Vacancy Survey. Research and analysis contributed to recommendations identifying new housing and community development opportunities for the PACC Board of Directors and staff.

Public Places/Public Process (2005) Planning and implementing a professional program for submission of case studies reviewing civic engagement impacts design products. The program is conducted in cooperation with the American Planning Association Metro Chapter and the Regional Planning Association (NY, CT, and NJ). See APA Project for details.

New Housing New York (2005) Consultant to the American Institute of Architects – New York Chapter to design and develop an innovative community development competition. The program has established a site and is currently implementing an affordable housing project to demonstrate innovative financing and construction solutions—conducted requests for qualifications and proposals initiative. For additional development.

Strategic Plan for City College Architectural Center (2005) Consultation with the City College of New York’s planning and architectural outreach program. Services include ongoing strategic planning for the Policy Board, identifying and selecting service projects, preparing fundraising narratives and proposals to targeted sources. Funding $10,000.

Pratt Area Community Council (2004-5) Strategic planning research in partnership with Butler + Associates. The project focused on a comprehensive examination of Fort Greene/Clinton Hill (CD2) and Bedford-Stuyvesant (CD3). My analysis drew from the U.S. Census from 1960 to 2000 and from the Housing Vacancy Survey. Research and analysis contributed to recommendations identifying new housing and community development opportunities for the PACC Board of Directors and staff. Funding $20,00 

Institute for Urban Design (2005) Consultant and editor of Urban Design Update, special research survey edition of community outreach programs in North American graduate urban design schools. For additional information, please see: March/April News Funding $5,000

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I have three decades of experience in urban planning and project management. My background includes editing and publishing demographic analysis research. My experience is extensive in strategic planning and organizational development. I design education and training programs for intensive learning experiences. My housing development planning, historic preservation services use team leadership methods. As the year 2020 ends, I am working for the Census. PES QC and PI RI. I remain confident in the data available but more skeptical as a result.

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Transportation Job Access Study (2003) Examination of barriers to transportation experienced by low-income workers and welfare recipients. The work builds on the Job Access Reverse Commute plan prepared by the Regional Planning Association. A three-volume report for the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council was produced recommending a combination of incremental and systemic changes in the provision of public transportation services in low-income communities.

Society for the Preservation of Weeksville and Bedford-Stuyvesant History (2003) Long-term relationship began with my preparation and filing of the first historic structures report for the NYS Historic Preservation Office and the procurement of Community Development Block Grant Funds to restore and occupy a building on the site. I recruited and supervised the restoration architect’s implementation of the Houses’ first major restoration on Hunterfly Road Historic District. Currently serving as a member of the Board of Trustees, supporting the design process for a fully funded $10,000,000 education building. Recipient of the Society’s Community Service Award.

Chinatown Working Papers Project (2001) Series of research “working papers” defines community development issues completed just before the WTC tragedy on September 11, 2001.

The client was the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA). The project produced a CD with an analysis of housing, employment, and investment.

A public opinion survey was conducted and reported. Funded: $25,000

The Two Coves Plan (1994 and 2001) was Commissioned by Goodwill Industries of Greater New York, Inc., with the support of the Surdna Foundation to develop a coordinated social service and civic organization partnership. Contracted in October 2001 to renew the community planning process and research services. Implementation components of planning included developing a community park and the possible location of new senior housing. Funded: $65,000

A Competitive Gowanus Canal (1987 & 2001) A strategic planning update of my 1987 analysis in 2001 was entitled The Gowanus Canal Development Study. Both studies examined land uses and development opportunities for the Gowanus Canal Development Corporation. Both predicted well, but decades ahead of the capital available.

This work defined public and private investment real estate investment choices and policies anticipated with a flushing tunnel’s reactivation. The story is well known about the failure in 1968. This work is representative of an extensive field survey land use analysis process. Funded: $75,000.

A deep long look at polluted water was painful. Still, the pump is back, but while investment is slow but steady, it remains insufficient. I was correct on all of the possibilities but wrong on the community’s interest in social and economic progress. Also, we argued for a climate change study. The best we got was a regulation to waterproof new structures to 14 feet above mean high tide. Sadly this made, the argument for more affordable housing less possible.

Brooklyn Sports Study (1986) composed of Market Analysis (Volume 1), Site Selection Final Report (Volume 2), and Development Concepts, Feasibility and Economic Impact (Volume 3), 1986 for NYS Urban Development Corporation. The study confirmed and promoted a stadium and arena in Coney Island following extensive alternative sites and financing analysis. The location is now a very successful minor league franchise, the Cyclones. Funding $180,000.

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    Albion College: Albion, MI BA, Fine Arts, and Literature
    Pratt Institute: New York, NY MS, City, and Regional Planning
    Harvard University: Cambridge, MA Management Training (continuing Professional Education)
    Glasgow University, Adam Smith School of Economics Glasgow, UK (Research Fellow for a Year)


    Community Design Award (1995 and 2000) National Association for Community Design award for leadership in broadening the reach and scope of ACD as a membership organization.
    Community Design Award (2001) Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture in co-operation with the Fannie Mae Foundation. Design Award (2002) National Association for Community Design. Liaison Member to the American Institute of Architects – Regional and Urban Planning Committee.
    New York City Park Council 
    (1984) Service to the Community Award
    Certificate of National Merit (1982) from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), National Recognition Program for Community Development Partnerships – Harding Park Project. This was a unique analysis of land use and ownership to preserve a Bronx bungalow community. Funded studio project: $4,500.
    Jack Newfield’s Honor Roll, Village Voice l978. Annual “appreciation of citizens who perform in the public interest.” Awarded for services to the community as a student.

    Selection of Articles/Publications/Book Reviews

    Good Deeds, Good Design: Community Service Through Architecture, Bryan Bell (Editor), (2004). Princeton Architectural Press. Article “Community Design Centers”
    Community Design Centers: An Alternative Practice, (2003) In Time-Saver Standards for Urban Design, Donald Watson, editor, McGraw-Hill, a major contributor to an article by Dr. Sheri Blake, 2003.
    History of Community Design (2001) In the ACSA Sourcebook of Community Design programs at Schools of Architecture in North America (ed) Cary, J. M. Jr., 38-43
    Urban Studies (1993) – Journal for Research in Urban and Regional Studies, Glasgow, U. K. Book Reviews: Mayor’s and Money: Fiscal Policy in New York and Chicago, Fuchs; 1992 University of Chicago Press, and Divided Cities. NY & London in the Contemporary World, Feinstein; 1992, Gordon & Harloe; Blackwell, Oxford.
    Firethorn Quarterly, “Who Owns America’s Future?” (Fall 1993), an essay on civic capital.
    Board Training Manual (1988) Drafted training workbook for nonprofit community development corporations for the NYS – Department of Education.
    Housing Resources Manual, Annual Publication (1985). Review and description of housing programs administered at the city, state, and federal levels. Conducted research, preliminary drafts, and interviews for annual publication.