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I think this is an appropriate image for this period of digital reorganizing. It is a walk among the weeds for one reason.  The wilderness image rearranged by some poor fool insisting on being noticed with a pile of rocks to note a path for a wanderer. Do not worry. I’ve been to this place. It doesn’t take long to discover that wanderer’s existence as a bottle cap, the old kind you had to pry off. It had a bit of rusty desperation, and it dissolves to this day and disappears much my years with this resource posted (here) and another assortment (here) for the fun of it. Some of it is brilliant but amidst other meanderings. In the meantime, thoughts, referrals, and leads on the following spectacular insights have been greatly appreciated.

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Earth’s Fifty!

No doubt that urbanization has been a messy business. The rapid pace of development over the last couple of centuries has led directly to life-threatening…
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DoITT Report Summary

Corporate Verizon The findings of the report are as follows: Verizon is not in compliance with its agreement since it has not truly “passed” all…
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Red Hook

18. Brooklyn Cruise Ship Terminal, Bermello Ajamil and Partners, April 2006.19. Fairway, Fairway Partners, May 2006.20. Revere Sugar Site, Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects, no…
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The Vehicular Pedestrian

Making way for the Vehicular Pedestrian will be more than a critical mass issue due to significant changes in dense urban land use and a…
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Broadband Map

A click on the map above (or HERE) will take you to a website that illustrates all of the broadband in New York City. The…
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Where to Mr.?

Hanzi: Danger and Opportunity combine to mean crisis. Language allows the hearing of differences.Images allow the understanding of distinctions.
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Housing Rights People

“The exhibit of the nineteenth and early twentieth-century social housing reveals scant interest other than producing shelter for vulnerable populations, the working classes, and the…
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A look at the last few years in NYS to go forward. “The examination of people that get swept up in offering or receiving a…
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Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement I’m a lifelong learning type of person, and every so often I find opportunities online that help me to think things through. Recently,…
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Group Process

Small Groups Work The following draft suggests ways to organize, accomplish goals, and fix the learning process if it goes awry in our working relationships. We…
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Book Act

The authors in the following (long list) visit New York City routinely.  Perhaps they would enjoy a conference…a workshop.   All of the works listed…
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IBO on HNY/2.0

How well is the program for Housing New York doing? Is it serving those most in need or fueling gentrification? A little bit of both…
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Seven Elements/Four Topics

The following few thousand words seek a new value system for the city and regional planning, architecture, and engineering professions. Your bones tell you, you…
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Limited Expansiveness

Sirius, 2006, by Lita Albuquerque, photo by Jean de Pomereu (Domus) From 1800 to 2000, planning, engineering, and architecture, served to create a vast expansion…
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Downstate of Health

The health campus (below) in the Ninth Congressional District (below) is known to many as “Downstate”, but this location has a deeper and richer capacity…
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Road Density

The Global Roads Inventory Project (GRIP) dataset describes 60 geospatial datasets on road infrastructure worldwide, covering 222 countries and over 21?million?km of roads. The dataset…
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Students Who Do Nothing

Business School At a business school in New York City with my Freshman candidate son, I suddenly felt very strongly about the offer of forming…
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Jobs and Education

Software, digital hardware, and the life-science industries can add jobs indirectly to a local economy as multipliers, in much the same way as the manufacture…
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