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I think this image is appropriate for this period of digital reorganizing. It is a walk among the weeds.  The wilderness image was rearranged by some poor fool insisting on being noticed with a pile of rocks to note a path for a wanderer. Do not worry. I’ve been to this place. It doesn’t take long to discover that wanderer’s existence as a bottle cap, the old kind you had to pry off. It had a bit of rusty desperation. It dissolves to this day, slowly disappearing, like the following.

You will find my years with this resource oxidizing (here). Pick a year and a month.

Another assortment (here) is only for the fun of it. It is a timeline set to the last 100 posts.

Some of it is brilliant but amidst other meanderings. In the meantime, thoughts, referrals, and leads on the following spectacular insights have been greatly appreciated, and below you will see a random selection.

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There are three leaders working 24/7/365 to get more Democrats and Independents in the House and Senate. They are Nina Turner, the new president of …
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Kundera describes ways people want to be recognized. In the Unbearable Lightness of Being he put it this way: The first longs for “the look …
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The online project to demystify jargon in planning, urban design, architecture and engineering for a laugh. I seek irreverent definitions jargon for the above professions. The …
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The causes of the housing problem can give you a facial tick. Here goes one recent example; the housing market has added single-family-rental securitization. …
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SandyNet of Sandy, OR

Sandy, Oregon, is a rural town of 3,600, so they don’t have a lot in common with our neighborhood regarding information infrastructure. But they did …
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CD9 Stress

Exploring the following group of analysts will produce one of the more fascinating introductions to key indicators of economic stress. Have a good long look …
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Midtown Eastside

Aerial of 432 Park Avenue Manhattan is a “playground” for wealthy people; public policy is interested in keeping enough households to ensure the maintenance and basic …
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Storm Politics

Storm Systems The progressive movement’s political struggles involve much more than the loss of Sanders as a Presidential candidate. He has laid a new foundation, but …
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A Better Deal

The total estimated annual payroll for seven Congressional Districts with significant employment in health care and social assistance is just over $275 billion.    This draft …
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Vote Basics

The links below make it easy. Understand the dates, times, places and the government leadership ballot. Paying attention to government leaders of your neighborhood is now essential. …
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Additional information about publications with access to Adobe PDF documents where noted. Good, Deeds, Good DesignPrinceton Architectural Press, New York (2003)Over the last twenty years, Rex …
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Stories Published to Medium and The Ascent The Ascent A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment. Join 90k+ others making the climb on …
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Public Process for Public Space In November of 2004, a reconstituted APA Urban Design Committee tackled the question of the intersection of Planning and Urban Design, …
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Washington Heights

Washington Heights and Inwood Planning and Land Use Study CITY COLLEGE ARCHITECTURAL CENTER  March 7, 2008 At the close of 2004, members of Community Board 12-Manhattan (CB12) …
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Creating a Living Place

Search Places to Live, and billions are available, add /NYC for 1.3 billion places, add /Des Moines, and you get 16 million locations. The question …
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Following the 2016 American Presidential election, I turned to the writing of Jane Jacobs. I went straight for “Dark Days Ahead” on my library shelf …
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Future of Indivisible

What Happened presents many ways to unpack what and who may have been responsible for the 77,000 votes in just three states that produced the …
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Historic AKNA

The Montagues & The Chobans I was a director of a community service department at Pratt Institute when I first came to Albemarle Terrace in the …
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