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I think this is an appropriate image for this period of digital reorganizing. It is a walk among the weeds for one reason.  The wilderness image was rearranged by some poor fool insisting on being noticed with a pile of rocks to note a path for a wanderer. Do not worry. I’ve been to this place. It doesn’t take long to discover that wanderer’s existence as a bottle cap, the old kind you had to pry off. It had a bit of rusty desperation. It dissolves to this day, slowly disappearing.

You will find my years with this resource oxidizing (here). Another assortment (here) is only for the fun of it. Some of it is brilliant but amidst other meanderings. In the meantime, thoughts, referrals, and leads on the following spectacular insights have been greatly appreciated, and below you will see a random selection.

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Three Rules

In all of our worlds (social, political, economic, biometric) we search for things considered necessary. We see closed doors, glass ceilings, and tables with no …
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Club Democrats

Take a look at all of the “political clubs” in Brooklyn.  Rarely are these outfits exposed as viable components of local leadership, merely those who …
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It is the Water Stupid

The following chapter from “Finding Density” looks at the simplicity of water as a regional development strategy. Combining the duality of land/water systems as …
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Wireline 2017

It was a busy April morning in 2017 when three clean Verizon Cable trucks rolled onto the Terraces with many scrappy linemen eager to drag …
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Supreme Dark Money

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) gets into the impact of “dark money” on the Supreme Court. His introduction on 13 October is here or below, and …
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The Point of Data

In 1968 the Citizen’s Housing and Planning Council of New York (CHPC) produced a little sixteen-page booklet on the housing problem with a five-room apartment …
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Affordable Housing

We can dream and have goals, but it is impossible to think things into existence. Direct action is required to be creative. A leader needs …
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“The Twitter feeds below are a random selection tied to a large set of “feeds” in the Tweet O-Rama – a large list of watchdog, …
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The online project to demystify jargon in planning, urban design, architecture and engineering for a laugh. I seek irreverent definitions jargon for the above professions. The …
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Storm Politics

Storm Systems The progressive movement’s political struggles involve much more than the loss of Sanders as a Presidential candidate. He has laid a new foundation, but …
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Connect the Council

City Council The New York City Council has 51 members with two-term limits of four years. The relationship between the city, the state and national …
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Caduceus Erroneous?

Caduceus Erroneous? Geopolitical challenges such as a pandemic or the multiple impacts of climate change instruct humanity’s genius to bring about systemic change and resist and …
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Bucky Fuller

The World Game Report (1969) shows Buckminster Fuller before a map he designed to eliminate distortion and represent an accurate global scale. A half-century has passed, …
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Additional information about publications with access to Adobe PDF documents where noted. Good, Deeds, Good DesignPrinceton Architectural Press, New York (2003)Over the last twenty years, Rex …
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Accountability People

The “whistleblower folks” are having a great of set tweets. Nevertheless, a very long list of “accountability” concerns brings many watchdog style organizations on to …
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Following the 2016 American Presidential election, I turned to the writing of Jane Jacobs. I went straight for “Dark Days Ahead” on my library shelf …
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Doomed to be Tiny

The Art Students League and The Resistance As the proposal stands now, the ASL is turned into an artifact.   It is being readied for placement in …
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Community Health

The health campus (below) in the Ninth Congressional District is known to many as “Downstate”, but this location has a deeper and richer capacity for …
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