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I think this is an appropriate image for this period of digital reorganizing. It is a walk among the weeds for one reason.  The wilderness image rearranged by some poor fool insisting on being noticed with a pile of rocks to note a path for a wanderer. Do not worry. I’ve been to this place. It doesn’t take long to discover that wanderer’s existence as a bottle cap, the old kind you had to pry off. It had a bit of rusty desperation, and it dissolves to this day and disappears much my years with this resource posted (here) and another assortment (here) for the fun of it. Some of it is brilliant but amidst other meanderings. In the meantime, thoughts, referrals, and leads on the following spectacular insights have been greatly appreciated.

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Free Parking

Ever since the High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup hit the bookstores, the density killer (AKA – the private car) is getting more and more…
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Indivisible Brooklyn

The idea of a CD Nine Indivisible faded into the following outfit. It has remained keenly interested in Federal, State, and City races using the…
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20 Questions

We are all challenged in one way or another with a learning disability.  It could be a place on the autism spectrum, or a kid…
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Fighting for America

Wait to discover what the new Democratic members in the House have in common. There are three unelected leaders working 24/7/365 to get more Democrats…
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Connect the Council

City Council The New York City Council has 51 members with two-term limits of four years. The relationship between the city, the state and national…
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Writers Wanted

Persuasion is the responsibility of communication. The writer’s list project asks what can writers do with a list of billionaires coupled with some “hot button…
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Columbia’s Manhattanville

Regulatory Taking and Columbia University Columbia Manhattanville (Rendering RPBW/SOM) Over the last decade, Columbia University acquired over 168 residential buildings between 110th and 125th Streets.…
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Priority Issue: Money

We are developing a collection of presentations on corruption (e.g. pol-money) see Video  Bob’s list (above) pretty much covers it. There are lots of people working…
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Invite representatives to be aware of your IT issues and concerns. A letter for comment on how to get their help (a set of three or four…
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What to Expect

I’ll believe it when I see it. Expectations are difficult to manage and different for everyone as everyone needs will vary. I found this presentation…
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The Urban Planet

“The social contract for authority is at the center of money, politics, and religion. No surprise there. Each center’s loci has confirming elements such as…
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“The Twitter feeds below are a random selection tied to a large set of “feeds” in the Tweet O-Rama – a large list of watchdog,…
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Tweets from housing advocacy groups warned of the 2008 Recession for five years (here). They see another housing crisis forming in America caused by raising…
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Truth in a Hurricane

Wealth above all other social factors can push the door closed on people, especially when they are men without means or women, but only if…
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SandyNet of Sandy, OR

Sandy, Oregon, is a rural town of 3,600, so they don’t have a lot in common with our neighborhood regarding information infrastructure. But they did…
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Furious Yet, Effective

The growth of corporations in energy production, manufacturing and finance will continue to produce great wealth and pain, cover-ups and obfuscations. During the period of the…
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Urban Obama

Watch and pull out what might be essential ideas for the urban agenda.   All of the good ones are tucked away in this now famous…
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April 2019/2020

“The tweets on April 1, 2019, from the think tank people (TTP), are unlikely to be taking advantage, but I’ll leave that for you to…
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