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AIA for Mayor

The American Institute of Architect’s New York Chapter (AIANY) released a mayoral platform to help them set the 2014 agenda: See: PDF

  1. buildings, what is built, how it gets where, for who, when
  2. neighborhoods planning and community development issues
  3. city systemic change in building and zoning codes
  4. world state, federal and international policy on cities.

Some of the details in NYC

  • 100,000 new units of affordable housing units built over next ten years building on the 150,000 produced since 2000
  • Complete the green code, passed in 2010 to support energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.  Only 29 of the 111 proposals from the draft code have been passed,
  • Build “active design” programs to make existing buildings healthy, safe and efficient.
  • Add open space throughout the city
  • Establish a position: Deputy Mayor for Design and Planning and make the Office for Long-Term Planning and Sustainability a commissioner-level position

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