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AKNA Broadband

Letters to Verizon and our political representatives were mailed 7.17.2015

The image above represents our first set of formal letters to Verizon officials and AKNA political representatives. We shall see if a response occurs and report them in future “my neighborhood” posts.

If nothing else, this website will be a record of our experience as a small historic district in Brooklyn attempting to join the 21st century.

The correspondence went to Verizon’s engineering staff, the heads of franchise operations at the DoITT and Verizon’s Franchise Director.   The letters expressed our interest in the development of a relationship that would lead to affordable high-speed internet services over existing copper lines or fiber.

We requested a follow-up from their offices regarding the engineers survey of the Terraces  June 24, 2015 to accomplish

  1. reliable, non-crackling and buzzing voice lines, and second,
  2. data lines that would not repeatedly fail or throttle down to one or two megabits per second.

Not too much to ask really.

On the South side of the Terraces we agreed to three methods for review and final selection (signature page above).  These were

  1. along our common roof line in conduit suitable for copper and fiber
  2. along our community owned easement suitable for copper and fiber or
  3. along a fully refurbished line that is currently in use (but failing) through our cellars that is suitable for copper and fiber

We requested personal advocacy regarding the ‘ lack of service” from our political representatives Congresswoman Clark and Councilmember (permanent incumbent) Eugene Mathews (termed out 2021). In addition, we helped in getting an appropriate response for service from Verizon (or Cablevision).  We also asked for the participation of the technology officer in their respective offices by monitoring our progress as of July 2015. They did nothing.

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