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We began this project in June 2015 following a visit from Chris Wasserman, Verizon Engineer.  He agreed to answer any question.  We sent four in July 26, 2015.  He responded August 12, 2015.

From: Wasserman, Christopher
Sent: Wed August 12, 2015, 11:51 AM
To: Rex Curry
Subject: Albemarle Questions

  1. What will the installation cost anything?  No
  2. Will the new line set up be as it is across the street?
    I don’t know how it is set up across the street.
  3. Do you want hard copies (email summaries) of correspondence with PSC, CWA, and V?
    I need to know which option everyone likes.
  4. Can I get any encouragement?  I have 12 households signed up.

See correspondence with Verizon Headquarters and Political Representatives here.

We sent the following reply.

Thank you, it is good to have a person to talk to about our future.

The conditions of the copper lines will continue to deteriorate on the Northside of the Terrace. We made a brief video that answers question #2 in detail. We will be glad to schedule a site visit at any time for the north side of the Terrace.

On question #3, we can accept all three in the following order of preference for the south side of the Terrace.

  1. Along our common roofline is conduit suitable for copper and fiber
  2. Along with our community-owned easement below grade, suitable for copper and fiber
  3. Along a fully refurbished line that is currently in use (but failing) through our cellars that is suitable for copper and fiber

As the “through building” lines have deteriorated, the current preference for the north side is:

  1. In conduit suitable for copper and fiber across the roofline
  2. In conduit suitable for copper and fiber across the easement and below grade

Finally, we are working on the issue with people on Kenmore and the north side of Albemarle Terrace.  We will have everyone on the north side signed up by the end of the month.

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