Our motivation, emotion, learning, and memory, are regulated in the cortical region of our mind, known as the hippocampus. I recommend the protest experience as exercise, along with your regular routine. Both work well on hippocampi neurons, and then a diet, of course, is an excellent stimulant with prudent use of substances such as dark chocolate, blueberries, and salmon. Sustain those millions of well-developed neural pathways of your adult mind. To do that, seek constant change in your personal life and community of friends, lovers, and associates. Oh, then read one of the following. Something should catch your eye?

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Urban Density

Urban Politics


  • The Fairness Doctrine
    What are additional efforts needed to curb the American Super Power to make fools of ourselves? I came across Tech Against Terrorism that might be useful. It is an international organization that recognizes the one-world […]
  • Fighting for America
    Wait to discover what the new Democratic members in the House have in common. There are three unelected leaders working 24/7/365 to get more Democrats and Independents in the House and Senate. They are Nina […]
  • Make a Difference
    When reforms and laws are passed to ensure that armed agents of the state cannot kill people of color without the consequence of a transparent indictment and trial, reform will occur. Do not add “all” […]
  • Storm Politics
    Storm Systems The progressive movement’s political struggles involve much more than the loss of Sanders as a Presidential candidate. He has laid a new foundation, but there is much more to learn by defining the […]
  • Planners Network
    My interest in the Planners Network ADPSR. ACD, SFI/Design Corps, and OAC in a brief who am I introduction with a plan of action seeking coordination with others on strategy. Most of my city planning […]