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Brooklyn is Charitable

Brooklyn is Charitable

A.C.E. Integration Head Start

1419 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221

To provide grocery gift cards to immigrant families in Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant enrolled in the organization’s early childhood programs.

Academy of Medical & Public Health Services

5306 3rd Ave 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11220

To provide free mental health counseling services to immigrants in Sunset Park to meet the high demand by COVID-19.

Acts Community Development Corporation

2114 Mermaid Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11224

The Coney Island Lighthouse Mission is a major emergency food provider in the Coney Island area.

Apna Brooklyn Community Center, Inc.

236 Neptune Ave 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11235

The center assists Muslim immigrant low-wage workers in Brighton Beach and Coney Island.

Arab American Association of New York

7111 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Provides advocacy and organizing in Brooklyn’s Muslim communities.

Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health

12 MetroTech Center 26th Fl., Brooklyn NY 11201

Recently produced a centralized free online source of validated, accurate, culturally competent, and up-to-date information and resources on COVID-19 for a network of 70 C.B.O.s focused on addressing the social determinants of health.

Asian American Federation

120 Wall Street 9th Floor, NY 10005

For the Advocate, Educate, and Mitigate Against Hate Initiative to coordinate protections for the Asian community in Brooklyn.

Astella Development Corporation

285 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Provides support for affordable housing production and economic development opportunities

Atlas: D.I.Y.

462 36th St Brooklyn NY 11232-2560

Focused on immigrants and a  community-based “cooperative model” that provides free legal, educational, and social services for undocumented youth and their allies. Very active with the Sunset Park Chinese community.

Bangladeshi American Community Development

83-10 Rockaway Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11416

Eager to build coalition-building and organizational capacity with working groups as a good model for serving the diverse, complex needs of the growing Bangladeshi immigrant community.

Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation

1368 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216

BSRC is one of the first community-based development corporations backed by the Ford Foundation. Today, it operates various social service organizations’ community outreach—emergency food, P.P.E., wellness checks, webinars, employment offerings, training for employment, mental health referrals, and financial counseling—for and leads by N.Y.C.H.A. residents in East New York and Bedford Stuyvesant.

Breaking Ground – Housing

505 8th Ave 5th Fl. New York, NY 10018

Provides wraparound services to help each person get – and stay – on the path to permanent stability. Home means a support system—several supportive housing projects in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and elsewhere.

Bridge Street Development Corporation

460 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11216

I have a detailed study of Malcolm X Blvd.  A one-mile strip of a newly up-zoned commercial area between Fulton Street and Broadway.  I recall a couple of fascinating artist/designer spaces.

Brooklyn Boatworks Inc.

20 Jay St Ste 824b, Brooklyn, NY 11201

The craft of wooden building a boat with wood and maritime-centered exploration inspires young people to uncover their success: possible twinning project or recruit grad for a similar experience in design.

Brooklyn Center for Quality Life

203 E 37th St, Brooklyn, NY 11203

A food pantry and food delivery programs, community P.P.E. distribution, and virtual health, nutrition, and wellness class for residents in East Flatbush and Flatbush.

Brooklyn Arts Council

20 Jay Street Suite 616, Brooklyn, NY 11201

BAC supports artists in fostering their diverse forms of expression and amplifying the arts as a source for social innovation and community connection.

Brooklyn Community Services

151 Lawrence St 4th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Primarily engages young people, mainly immigrant youth, to help them develop job skills, improve their academic performance, and become community leaders. Also, it conducts workforce development, some mental health/wellness work.  Operates a Mobile Care Unit.

Brooklyn Community Housing and Services, Inc.

105 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

BCHS is committed to ending homelessness in Brooklyn and empowering all the residents of Fort Greene and the surrounding neighborhoods to provide safe, clean, supportive housing.

Brooklyn Free School

372 Clinton Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238

Award recipient for “Let’s Talk About It! Housing Justice,” a project documentary on housing justice and gentrification. They are a vanguard of the “democratic free school movement” with a K-12 facility. 

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative

153 Columbia St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

Ongoing development of a 26-mile dedicated landscaped route from Greenpoint to East New York.

Brooklyn Movement Center

375 Stuyvesant Avenue, 2nd Fl., Brooklyn, NY 11233

A community organizing group based in Bed-Stuy recognizes displacement tensions and tension between the Ultra-orthodox and everyone else.

Brooklyn Music School

126 St. Felix St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

A school for the performing arts in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, offering in-person and online programming.

Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation

141 Flushing Avenue Unit 801, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Focused on growing the city’s modern industrial sector and its businesses and connecting the local community with economic opportunity.

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations

621 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Support for Youth Pathway Out of Poverty will provide Central Brooklyn youth with access to employer-demanded skills, career credentials, job placement, and long-term career development support.


1720 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

A multiservice community development corporation with multiple locations throughout Brooklyn

Caribbean Women’s Health Association, Inc

3512 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203

To provide immediate financial support for vulnerable pregnant or postpartum clients in Flatbush, East Flatbush, Brownsville, or East New York.


151 Lawrence Street 3rd Fl., Brooklyn, NY 11201

Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES) Works to divert youth from the criminal justice system by providing education and employment services, behavioral health treatment, service projects, and links to other providers. Brooklyn Youth Justice Programs are active in Downtown Brooklyn, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Coney Island.

Center for Family Life

443 39th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Their Sanctuary Families Project supports Sunset Park immigrant parents at risk of deportation. It mobilizes local Brooklyn community member allies to create long-term guardianship and childcare plans for immigrant children.

Center for Law and Social Justice

1650 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225

A community organizing and education project is designed to engage leaders, activists, and organizations of N.Y.C.’s diverse African communities. Founded in Brooklyn in 1985 as a service unit of Medgar Evers College seeks policies to stem the institutionalization of police brutality and systemic racism across New York City.

Center for Nu Leadership

7 Marcus Garvey Blvd Suite 423, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Programs that divert neighborhood youth from arrest proceedings by developing pre-arrest diversion options for law officers.

Chai Lifeline

151 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001

Chai Lifeline’s programs and services meet the unique emotional, social, and financial needs of families living with serious illness or loss.


473 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Delivers food to low-income residents of Crown Heights, Brighton Beach, and Flatbush.

Children of Promise, N.Y.C.

54 MacDonough St, Brooklyn, NY 11216

To support Bedford-Stuyvesant children and families with a parent incarcerated through the provision of daily hot meals, food pantry items, and fresh groceries.

Children of the City

740 40th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

To provide holistic support and essential items to children and their families with low incomes residing in Sunset Park

Chinese American Planning Council

4101 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

A strategy in Brooklyn is to connect the organization’s long-term social services work to new social change strategies. Their work includes civic engagement (Know Your Rights, Voter Registration, Census 2020), policy/advocacy (increased advocacy around legislative priorities), and offices throughout N.Y.C.

Chinese Staff and Workers’ Association

45 Grand St #1W, New York, NY 10002

To support outreach and organizing work in Brooklyn’s Chinatowns, focusing on service workers–including home attendants, restaurant, and delivery workers. In addition, it will seek legal services and pro bono attorneys to assist workers in seeking legal recourse for stolen wages and involve workers in education and advocacy efforts to improve state policy on wage theft.

Churches United for Fair Housing

7 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11206

A membership network sharing organizing tactic involves eight churches in three neighborhoods: Williamsburg, Sunset Park, and Bushwick.

Communities Resist

434 S 5th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211

CoRe is a community-based law office that partners with communities of color in Brooklyn and Queens to combat predatory capitalism, gentrification, and structural racism. CoRe organizes, asserts resident rights, and protects their homes. The work to center community voices with forms of resistance both inside the courtroom and on the streets. CoRe is in the business of dismantling systemic injustice. CoRe focuses on legal services and housing law coupled with community organizing in the service of ethnic and racial groups, immigrants and migrants, and all economically disadvantaged people (GuideStar)

Coro New York Leadership Center

42 Broadway # 2001, New York, NY 10004

A leadership training organization serves young professionals to bring their voices into policy-making. 

Cypress Hills LDC

3214 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11208
Operates six program divisions serving 10,000 people a year, with a budget of over $14 million.

Domestic Workers United

10 W 37th St #4, New York, NY 10018

D.W.U. is an organization of Caribbean, Latina, and African caregivers and housekeepers—concentrated in Crown Heights and Flatbush—that organizes to end exploitation and oppression for all workers.

Drive Change

630 Flushing Ave, Mailbox #25, Brooklyn, NY 1120

To provide training and first job experience for formerly incarcerated and court-involved young people through a nonprofit food truck.


72-18 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM) organizes South Asian Youth for campaigns focused on educational equity, economic justice, legalization, workplace rights, and an end to racial profiling and anti-immigrant enforcement.

East New York Restoration L.D.C.

1159 Elton St, Brooklyn, NY 11239

To provide P.P.E. and resources for reopening to small businesses, non-traditional workers, low wage workers, and people who have recently been released from incarceration in East New York, including hiring local youth to assist with distribution and promotion of available resource

Equality for Flatbush

2273 Church Avenue P.O.B. # 260505 Brooklyn, NY 11226

Support for multilingual organizing and advocacy work around anti-gentrification, police accountability, and ICE-FREE NYC.  Part of the Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (B.A.N.) functioning as grassroots organizing efforts to fight racism, police violence, and gentrification in Brooklyn, NY.

Fifth Avenue Committee

141 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217

Affordable housing, workforce development, adult education coupled with organizing and advocacy

Flatbush Development Corporation

1616 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Flatbush Development Corporation’s Flatbush Tenant Coalition organizes older adults across 300 buildings in Central Brooklyn,

Forum for the Future Us Inc

81 Prospect Street. Brooklyn, NY 11201

Convenes transformational collaborations to examine critical global challenges by catalyzing change in critical systems, from food to apparel, energy to shipping.

Green City Force

630 Flushing Ave 8th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Support for the implementation of two major “green jobs” workforce initiatives in Brooklyn: a partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice to recruit and train young adults from N.Y.C.H.A. Developments with the highest crime rates and the build-out of two urban farms on N.Y.C.H.A. developments in Brooklyn.

GRIOT Circle

25 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

GRIOT Circle works to ensure that all LGBTQ+ elders of color experience a just and excellent quality of life through a variety of services within its adult daycare programs, monthly social and support groups, and outreach to homebound seniors.

Grow Brooklyn

315 Grove St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Grow Brooklyn provides intensive outreach, compassionate counseling, and direct assistance to keep older adult homeowners in their homes.

Habitat for Humanity – NYC

334 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Works to bring affordable homeownership to low- and moderate-income New Yorkers with a hand up in active partnershipa with the families accepted into our program.

Haitian Americans United for Progress, Inc.

1760 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11226

To provide emergency cash assistance, support and counseling, and up-to-date COVID-19 health information to undocumented, low-wage workers laid off or furloughed and cannot access government benefits.

Heights and Hills

81 Willoughby St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Implements programs and services to support older Brooklynites to age in place as vital members of their communities. 

I.M.P.A.C.C.T. Brooklyn (aka PACC)

1000 Dean Street, Suite 420 Brooklyn, NY 11238

To provide financial assistance, protective supplies, food, and travel assistance to Black and Latinx, low-income households. Initially formed as a neighborhood group, named the Pratt Area Community Council, it has matured to become an affordable housing advocate and social service provider.

Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy

495 Flatbush Ave 2nd Fl., Brooklyn, NY 11225

For Black and Caribbean Youth’s creative, educational, and vocational development in Central Brooklyn to deepen their cultural identity, build assets, and save money for college. It builds leadership skills and advocates for solutions to pressing social justice issues.

Jews for Racial & Economic Justice

330 Seventh Ave. Suite 1901 New York City, NY 10001

J.F.R.E.J.’s Caring Majority Coalition organizes older adults, people with disabilities, caregivers, and home health workers to ensure that all Brooklynites have access to covered long-term care that prioritizes racial and gender justice and age justice and invests in the home care workforce for quality, family-sustaining jobs.


55 Washington Street, Suite 560, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Provide digital career training for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities.

Red Hook Initiative, The

767 Hicks Street. Brooklyn, NY 11231

Runs and operates the Columbia Street Farm (near Ikea) and the Wolcott Street Farm. Converted a warehouse into a community center at Hicks and West 9th Streets (here)


417 Myrtle Avenue #64A, Brooklyn, NY 11205

The Virtual Education Life Skills Mentoring Service (V-ELMS) program creates a supportive environment that engages and empowers underserved youth.

I.M.P.A.C.C.T. Brooklyn

To provide financial assistance, protective supplies, food, and travel assistance to Black and Latinx, low-income households in Central Brooklyn.

L.I.S.C. New York City

28 Liberty St, New York, NY 10005

Both technical assistance providers and philanthropic funders seek partners in housing and economic development.

Laundry Workers Center

80 Broad St #613a, New York, NY 10004

 They provide training and resources for laundromat workers.


621 Degraw St., Brooklyn, NY 11217

Among other programs it funds, Brooklyn Woods is a skilled woodworker training program that teaches the fundamentals of woodworking. Trainees receive an introduction to shop production and safety, finishing techniques, cabinetmaking, and installation.

Mexican Coalition

389 E 150th St, Bronx, NY 10455

To provide culturally appropriate food distribution and preventative health support for non-English and non-Spanish speaking indigenous people of K’iche’ (Guatemala and southern Mexico) in Borough Park, Bensonhurst, and Sunset Park.


245 23rd St #2, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Mixteca is a Mexican and Latin-American immigrant organization organizing various skills-building programs. In addition, provide wraparound services for indigenous Mexican and Central American immigrants in Southwest Brooklyn.


The Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project LDC (MARP) runs entrepreneurship and mentoring programs that connect N.Y.C.H.A. youth with their first jobs at small businesses along Myrtle Avenue. Overall, MARP supports the health and welfare of older adults in Brooklyn.

Neighborhood Housing Services C.D.C. Inc

2806 Church Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11226 USA

NHS creates and preserves affordable housing by providing homeownership education, financial assistance, and community leadership opportunities. Led by residents and guided by local needs, we partner with the government and businesses to revitalize underserved neighborhoods.

Neighbors in Action

256 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

They operate anti-violence and work readiness for youth development. It is an effort to calm Jewish/Black tensions.

Neighbors Together

2094 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY 11233

A dynamic soup kitchen, social service provider, and community center committed to ending hunger and poverty in Ocean Hill, Brownsville, and Bedford Stuyvesant since 1982.

New York City AIDS Housing Network

New York Communities for Change

One MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201

In May 2017, N.Y.C.C. launched a member-led community defense network in Flatbush. It is designed to protect its Latinx, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern immigrant neighbors from deportation.

New York Peace Institute

11 John St #600, New York, NY 10038

New York Peace Institute will provide restorative justice practices and coordination in Coney Island. It is a large community mediation service with expertise in education mediation.

New York State Youth Leadership Council

168 Canal St, New York, NY 10013

They support undocumented immigration youth-led organizations around access to higher education and healthcare, protection from deportation, and employment.

Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corp.

132 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233

The preservation, development, and management of affordable housing and homeownership opportunities in Central Brooklyn.

OCA-NY Asian Pacific American Advocates

No address, but worthy of tracking down for their work in Sunset Park

In June 2017, O.C.A. hosted “Where Can Immigrants Living in Fear and Uncertainty Get Help?” The forum will be held at the Chinese Promise Baptist Church in Sunset Park.

Pakistani American Youth Organization Inc

1045 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230

To provide emergency food and essential items to residents with low incomes of Flatbush and Midwood.

Partnership To Preserve Affordable Housing

No address, national consultant nonprofit

Preservation of Affordable Housing (P.O.A.H.) is actively involved with various national housing organizations that provide peer collaboration opportunities, public policy advocacy, and more. 

Promenade Partnership

55 Pierrepoint Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201-2450

A major reconstruction of the Promenade is in the future.  It is a “neighborhood association with a half-million-dollar budget.

Release Aging People in Prison Campaign

168 Canal Street 6th Fl. New York, NY 10013

R.A.P.P. organizes older adults in prison and the community to bring systemic change to the parole process.  It advocates for fair and timely parole and an end to death by incarceration.

Sadie Nash Leadership Project

4 W 43rd St #502, New York, NY 10036

For a Brooklyn-based summer leadership institute that engages young women in political education and empowerment programs to equip them to be agents for social change

Sadie Nash Leadership Project

4 West 43rd Street (S 502) New York, NY 10036

Brooklyn-based summer leadership institute engages young women in political education and empowerment programs to equip them as social change agents.

Seeds in the Middle Inc.

153 Warren Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Trinity Community Humanitarian Services Foundation, Inc. Aims at middle schoolers in the attainment of goals.

Settlement Housing Fund, Inc.

47 W. 37th Street, 4th Floor • New York, NY 10018

The fund creates and sustains high-quality, affordable housing and programs, building strong and economically diverse neighborhoods in  New York City.

Southern Community Development Corporation

4006 Eighteenth Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11218

Part of HOME is a group of local neighborhood agencies providing vital housing-related services. HOME is an acronym for Home Options Made Easy – a collaborative effort in which member housing agencies have joined forces.

Southside United H.D.F.C

434 S. 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Known as Los Sures, it supports the health and welfare of older adults in Brooklyn. Active in housing management and development throughout Williamsburg.

St John’s Bread and Life

795 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221

St. John’s work provides food distribution via a pick-up model with a higher volume of shelf-stable products and increased sanitation practices.

St. Nicks Alliance

St. Nicks Alliance, 2 Kingsland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

In addition to several social service activities such as supporting, the health, and welfare of older adults in Brooklyn, the overall budget for St. Nicks Alliance’s Housing Division are in excess of $8 million, plus an additional $10 million in property operations.

Supportive Housing Network NYC

247 W. 37th Street 18th Floor, New York, New York 10018

Access to a variety of support service organizations fighting homelessness, such as New York City AIDS Housing Network at 80a Fourth Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217

Sustainable Flatbush

890 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Programs/projects to promote sustainable living in the neighborhood and beyond.

Noble Touch Inc.

315 Flatbush Avenue #525. Brooklyn, NY 11217

Produces “transformational workshops, training, and energy healing services”, we promote the total healing experience of mind, body, and spirit. 

Teachers Unite

601 W 26th St room 325-55, New York, NY 10001

For members’ work with students and teachers to lead the shift from punitive to transformative justice in N.Y.C. public schools.

The Black Institute

470 Vanderbilt Ave 9th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11238

To support the Black Immigrant Forum to be held in Brooklyn on August 28, 2018. The all-day event aims to educate Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latino, and African immigrants on current immigration policies, and provide on-site legal consultation/screenings in collaboration with the N.Y.U. Immigration Clinic, train participants on “Know Your Rights,” and offer referrals to pro-bono services.

The Guardianship Project  Vera Institute

34 35th Street Suite 4-2A, Brooklyn, NY 11232

The Guardianship Project works with older adults, caregivers, and systems to increase the availability of exemplary guardianship services, increase the use of alternatives to guardianship, and correct gaps in the guardianship system to enable self-determination and preserve dignity for older adults in the least restrictive setting possible.

The Healing Center

7304 5th Avenue, P.M.B. #272, Brooklyn NY 11209

To provide support services and emergency food boxes to immigrant survivors of family violence in Sunset Park and Bay Ridge.

The Laundromat Project

1476 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Support for the People’s POWER Lab, a new youth-focused out-of-school initiative that engages young people of color in Central Brooklyn in creative expression, community activism, and leadership development training.

The Osborne Association

175 Remsen Street, Suite 800, Brooklyn, NY 11201

The Osborne Association provides case management services for formerly incarcerated older adults and families of those currently imprisoned, advocates for sentencing and parole reforms, and trains older adults to use their experience in the justice system to become outspoken voices for change.

Turning Point Brooklyn

968 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232 and 423 39th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

It is listed as a Housing Development Corp. also aligned with Brooklyn Community Services.  It is known for social, educational, medical, and economic support services to low-income immigrant residents focused on building advocacy and leadership skills and establishing strong mentoring relationships.


384 Grand St #1B, New York, NY 10002

For emergency fresh food delivery to underserved locations, including senior homes, N.Y.C.H.A. residences, and other low-income housing in Brooklyn.

United Chinese Association of Brooklyn

1787 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Support for neighborhood-based, immigrant-led organizations working on the frontlines to address legal, safety, and civil rights issues.

United Community Centers

613 New Lots Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207

To support the operation and management of one of the city’s largest youth-led farms as well as a sexual health-focused peer education program.

University Settlement Society of New York


A sample from Guidestar: University Settlement is a multi-purpose community development agency providing diverse programming … University Settlement’s mission is to empower families by building GROSS RECEIPTS  $37,997,831  Gross Assets: $37,260,581


462 36th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Community organizing, public education, and leadership programs for youth to advance resiliency.

EIN: 11-2490531 Gross Receipts around $1.2M with about the same in Assets at $1.1M The mission statement for the IRS is “to educate the community regarding the environment and to conduct programs for youth development.

Urban Neighborhood Services, Inc.

1718 Mermaid Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

Offers a spectrum of programs to traditionally underserved residents in Coney Island and other surrounding communities in Southern Brooklyn. 

Vernon Avenue Project/Reconnect

442 Lorimer Street D 309Brooklyn, NY 11206

Operating support for the neighborhood-based entrepreneurship program in Central Brooklyn creates jobs that serve as the engagement point for court-involved young men.

NYC H20   PDF GuideStar Report (here)

410 East 6th Street 21 F New York, NY 10009

Interesting individual effort and it links to design work you have done serving outdoor learning.  This outfit is focused on N.Y.C. (dense urban) water ecology education programs and a possible campsite.


Related posts describe small business startups (here) in partial response to their rapid growth, even though the 2020 pandemic hit them hard, and another on the interest of many companies to establish B Corporations (here). half marketing half check listed for certification. Recommendations are requested.

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