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Organizational Development

What are your organization's key performance indicators? Community organizations and private businesses create change in response to the values and beliefs of a community. Testing for these values is a particular strength of nonprofit community service organizations, but small businesses also perform well in this area.  Small companies and charitable nonprofits advance the opportunity for growth by adapting well to change.  … Continue reading Organizational Development

Get Strategic

Is this a Club of Rome Graphic? I still do strategic planning. Mostly for fun or get even. Planning .:.Select objectives that measure the accomplishment of goals. define policies that govern resource acquisition, use, and disposalfind resources to acquire objectivesadjust to changes in these objectives Networking .:.Key services and components for strategic action: Scan the … Continue reading Get Strategic


Additional information about publications with access to Adobe PDF documents where noted. Good, Deeds, Good DesignPrinceton Architectural Press, New York (2003)Over the last twenty years, Rex Curry has taught a variety of urban planning seminars and studios in Pratt’s School of Architecture, the Graduate Program for Planning and the Environment, and in the Pratt Institute … Continue reading Publications


The majority of projects consist of residential, business district analysis and institutional development planning, including research on social and economic trends. I directed all of these projects. All of these efforts include the evaluation of investment trends as stimulated by policies such as inclusionary and contextual zoning Neighborhood Plan for Community District 12 in Manhattan … Continue reading Projects

Rex Curry

Rex L. Curry Executive Director • Development Officer • VP Planning Program Development • Strategic Planning • Action Research • Staff Training Decades in managing planning projects, editing and publishing demographic and environmental impact reports has proven to me than no one reads, but everyone writes. My experience is extensive in strategic planning and organizational … Continue reading Rex Curry