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The Citizens United Thing

“Since Citizens United, just 12 mega-donors, eight of them billionaires, have paid one dollar out of every 13 spent in federal elections.” Chisun Lee, GOTHAM GAZETTE

What if dollars were “voting people” vs. 12 mega-donors?

Could the odds be 140 Million voters to 12 in favor of Democracy?

Can small donations from ordinary people produce representatives with resource integrity?

The way to know is to make a Democratic majority. The most recent was the 111th Congress for just two years. The next will be the 117th Congress – four to eight years would be much better. Of the last ten session of Congress, only three were unified and Democrat, seven were divided.

A just society creates trust in government. A Democracy protects us from ourselves by keeping that promise with proof. Democratic governments pool resources to support the public good.

They should warn of poisons, ill health, and disease indicators as they occur. It can attempt to keep people safe from the violence of others. It can strengthen people’s ability to protect themselves. It can regulate, mitigate and eliminate ill impacts.

Democracy in a just society builds on resilience, accountability, and equality.

12-to-1 Odds

It is now an urgent requirement. Send cash to a Democrat or an Independent of your choice running in any state you desire. One party in power for eight years can work if the base of the ordinary commits. Do that first before asking who’s doing what down the billionaire’s rabbit hole.

Before reading the stories linked below, The Report recommends the short versions on Influence Watch. Search names such as Peter Theil, Bill Gates, and George Soros. The involvement of these individuals in the issues reveals two observations. First, twelve people wielding the power of an unfathomable amount of cash has a bad smell, and second, their productivity measures threaten our Democracy.

Three Stories

About a billionaire seeking to disrupt America’s Democracy (here).

A billionaire on sustaining investment in a future outside of politics (here).

A review of a billionaire giving $28.3 million [? Energy industry 2011 political donations] [? Energy industry 2011 political donations] into the Democracy PAC to support the Democratic side of the 2020 election. (here).

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