Yvette Clarke Video

Yvette Clarke attended Oberlin College from 1982 to 1986, but did not finish her degree (see: Biographical Directory)  She followed her mother, NYC Councilmember Una Clarke to the City Council (2002-2007) Yvette lost her bid for congress in 2004 but stuck with it and became a member of U.S. Congress in 2007 and for the last 12 years accomplished one thing, the naming of a post office after a good man Major Owens.

Yvette Clarke has a YouTube Channel.  Please subscribe, she will be encouraged to develop this important resource.  The last bit was over seven years ago.  We need a new person in Congress. 
The following online selections represent Yvette at her best in a message to her base, a reflection on the T-party with Brooklyn Savvy (empowering women) and at her worst (or star struck) when Steve Colbert was doing his “bit” on members of congress many years ago. Since then, he has changed sides, and rightly so.
Message to our Base in CD9 June 2016

On the Tea Party April 23, 2012
Congresswoman Yvette Clarke speaks about the Tea Party and opposition to Obama’s healthcare reform at a neighborhood candidate forum
With Brooklyn Savvy March 2014
Brooklyn Savvy is a Talk Show that focuses on the issues of today, and their impact on women. Watch their trailer, it is excellent.  Here is a 30 minutes chat with Clarke. 
The Colbert Report September 2012
Hey, Evette it is OK, the bit with our sister Marcia Fudge (D-OH) was LOL and she’s nailed him with that “who is this fool” look and then making him a member of the CBC. So here goes, and no one will pull your leg again.  We can count on that, n’est c’pas?.