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Climate Central evaluated future potential flood exposure to the tax base of every county in the United States. For example, the flood zone analysis for Kings County, NY, identified 276,299 land parcels totaling 32,461 acres [Walt Disney World] assessed at $17.14 billion.

Assessed improvement values for land properties that can be monitored and evaluated for cost structure. Unlike water, the location of potential forest fires or extreme weather are weakly predicted for geographic isolation until they occur. Therefore, every square foot of land susceptible to flooding is known for evaluation.

Source: Climate Central report on sea level rise in your county or the national report.

Over thousands of years, people continue to prove that all other life forms are weak. That position is accomplished, and with it, a new task. Suspend layers of evolutionary Earth thinking that shape views of the future. The information is available to take a new path.

Evolution displays the voracious history of our naturally lethal world. Nevertheless, the Anthropocene is responsible for the knowledge of deadly today. Given the condition of everyone doing everything imaginable to the Earth, all the time requires new information known to everyone to proceed. First, it is irreversible; second, everyone means everyone. Therefore, an assessment necessary to manage the data is not only possible, it is essential.

Vast quantities of raw material are processed from the Earth’s crust to become an endless stream of made-things seen by everyone from the threshold of every shelter outward to the horizon. Today, the vision of a wasteland of discarded material across a dystopian landscape is countered by the ability to catalog all living entities with regenerative communication capacities.

“What should everyone know? How much of it is known? And most importantly, how will everyone obtain trust in what they need to know to do what they need to do? It is becoming necessary to provide the human mind with a new place in the universe.”

Creating new places for the human mind occurs routinely, and the emerging idea of what a machine singularity might be, whether actual or artificial, cannot be ignored. Should it be proprietary? If so, what is exclusive to ownership and inclusive for the public? Establishing a fully transparent public repository is a way to force that decision. But, of course, that depends on the tasks required to make that an idea in the first place. There are obstacles.

People will confuse this effort with Playing God or a vain attempt at omnipotence or omnipresence. But, less ambiguously, the fear of being under the control of an authoritarian system is challenging to measure and consistently disruptive. On the other hand, if AI governing systems occur in a democracy, the additional complexity and the challenge of increased social sensitivity require a plan.

So how will it be possible to recognize the responsibility of artificial intelligence? What role will it play in identifying priorities? Could such entities get the world to “yes?” on any question requiring herculean coordinated action? The United Nations, the signers of the Paris Accord, and every hot and cold war from the beginning of history continue as attempts to control a future. Yet, these failing efforts at control also establish trends worthy of intense focus. Resolution by catastrophe and limited mitigation success amid long-term failure is reversible. Yet, the potential for predictive analysis leading to long-term success is only possible by accepting the massive addition of artificial foresight. Here is an example:

The Milky Way is just one of the billions of galaxies in the universe. The illustration of 100,000 or more galaxies detected near the Milky Way is named Laniakea. The Earth is amidst supercluster networks linked by voids. Nature Video, based on Tully et al. 2014) Nature Video, based on Tully et. al. 2014 Also see: Vox Space Maps.

The Report sees the implementation of global action capable of producing solid, broadly acceptable answers to problems Resources to implement tests with trusted procedures are in constant development. There are well-schooled day-to-day process actors on the national and international stage (developing here). The books and papers on the economics of globalization reveal extreme poverty further complicated by violent climate change, drought, famine, violence, flood, and fire. To believe natural forces create these horrors is a grave error for one reason – the significant places of impact are well-known, and the trends are clear. What trends will reduce these impacts and be helpful for people, their communities, the nation, and the world?

Without the math to sort trends independently, the data provider must be trusted, and its users should be capable of empirical confirmation. Another aspect is the geography of the search location. For example, using the search term “Market Share,” Washington D.C. claims search levels higher than Wall Street. Search one word such as “Energy” in 2021 and reveal Texas and the fracking states on top of the list geographically.

Today’s trends are data-rich catalogs of words and numbers, graphics, and near real-time images. Deconstruction is available in segments of action measured from microseconds to decades and from clicks to buys. To look at how trends are handled, visit Exploding Topics or go to the source of much of it in Google Trends to see top search queries neatly organized in daily search trends. Google offers Year in Search 2021 with a video recap of global searches. For “things,” they offer 2022 Shopping Trends. Quintillions of inquiries packed digitally lead to refreshing questions such as:

“What is the transparency level needed from (the AI search engine company) to claim meaningful trends? Are they accurate to the period, durable as values, resilient in the face of crisis, and adaptable to the prospect of peace or the prevention of violence in a world of unrelenting change?”


There is a significant probability that transparency will not occur. It can, however, be signaled in the investments made to acquire market positions related to AI development. Other trend-specific investments and capitalization activities are more challenging to identify as products that signal the ability of an AI to create and control. Measuring the rate of acceleration in thought cannot be measured by distance per time period squared for the lack of a worldwide idea of thought governing the signals of change below. In this area, the sixth priority will move upward.

Seven Signals of Change

The Report offers seven signals of global; change introduced below from low to high priority.

  1Climate changeparts per million per day everywhere
  2Urbanizationcoverage per capita/cost per capita
  3Demographic variationssocial characteristics, location cohorts
  4Economic disparities  competitive dollar/held equity indicators
  5Health conditionsvital statistics by sensitivity, age, sex
  6Purpose of artificial intelligencetrust in response to questions
  7The threat of high-impact asteroidsfind them, have a moving truck strategy

Priority Seven: What is space for other than long-term thinking?

The design of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test revealed several changes in astrophysics. First, the schematic idea was to hit an asteroid 6.7 million miles from Earth with a spacecraft the length of a school bus and around the mass of a dairy cow (570 kilograms). Instead, the impact changed the asteroid’s orbit by 32 minutes. That means they pushed the small asteroid moon Dimorphos away from the large one, Didymos, on September 26, 2022.

The DART project included SMART and DRACO, LUKE, and LEIA. All are extraordinary accomplishments. The project cost was just $324.5 million. Ninety-five percent of that was for spacecraft development. The remaining expense is the Falcon 9 and a year of mission operations. 

Implementation begins with: we can do this but should we, and if yes, where does it fit as a national priority? An act designed to protect all of humanity from an extinction event by intentionally changing the motion of a celestial object was more than a mathematical prediction. See the entire mission as far more than a spatial deflection project in the NASA explainer (here). The integration of endeavors like this will become more holistic.

Priority Six: The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence.

The rollout of AI is the most crucial issue for sustaining investment representative of the needs of humankind. Much of the world may recognize the capacity of an AI to beat a Chess Master or win on the Jeopardy TV show. However, it has progressed further than games and is progressively more competitive in all fields. Public administrations and private companies will also produce trends in gaining or losing trust as these systems develop.

The AI subject remains exhaustive, complicated, and undecided. It is much like the mysteries that DNA offers the future of all life. Investors in the cloud believe it to be the ultimate tool. The uses and purposes of these machines are without regulations governing issues specific to the needs of people, organizations, and national and international organizations.

Priority Five: Human Status and Well-being

Human health and well-being require no greater purpose than a sustained investment in reporting. Given the academic and scientific rigor of the health professions, complemented by health data, reporting systems have gained trust given the “all alert” priority driven by the crisis response to the COVID-19 virus and its mutations. However, the focus on determining cause and establishing prevention protocols remains an exhibit of economic and political disparities.

The Budget for 2022-2023 of the World Health Organization is $6.72 billion [? San Francisco Bay Bridge span replacement, 2002-2013] and spread thinly (here). On the other hand, the Department of Health in New York State is $204.3 billion here).

Priority Four: Social and Economic Disparities

Public policy, with few exceptions, is limited to keeping the economic stress on a population to a known minimum using various social cohorts and locations. The widening wealth gap is nonempirical and tends to become conspiratorial. Conspiracies “fill in”  unknowns based on the joys of imagination and social position. For example, the persistence of poverty is described as a natural occurrence. It is not. Poverty can be ended. How to do so is the unanswered question.

The data required to end poverty is available, but the resource argument remains with evolutionary thinking. A region’s people will flee from sources of degradation they alone cannot stop. Economic hardship, corruption, war, flood, fire, drought, and starvation rise on a well-known global landscape without a hint of an effective long-term resolution.


Issue Three: Diversity and Life’s Structure

Diversity is an unknown “want” in the economic sense. As the population becomes increasingly urbanized, social diversity increases and the natural environment changes radically toward safety. Few are sensitive to the enormous importance of want in “a wilderness.” For most people, other than understanding that the primate species of the early Earth became modern humans, the diversity required for that to happen is a vague notion. A debate on the function of diversity in life’s structure is (here).

Priority Two: The Urbanized Earth

The formation of cities and megaregions defines the Anthropocene with a vast array of uses for land and sea. Yet, it has occurred without a deep understanding of the consequences caused by various levels of dominance.

Priority One: Climate Change

Definitively proving that human activity can change the weather is the first injection of fear at a global scale. The term “existential drift” is prevalent among those monitoring extremes with measures of human cost. It is an “existential crisis” among those attempting to measure the cost. It is a “hoax” to those grasping to retain a lifestyle connection with seas and rivers, coupled with high investments in land value and policies to retain tax long as possible.

Sixty million people live in the shadow of volcanoes worldwide, and another billion will face sea level rise in every coming decade and continue until the remaining gods of the unknown dispense suffering to billions. Fear is a cruel emotion; however, it is the beginning of finding wisdom before blood.

The following section will assume a growing understanding of AI’s role in society, given this entity’s impact on the seven issues above as a filter.

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