Finding Density

In the research for Density, I am reading hundreds of websites, books and articles. Most are online.  In stepping away from the dead tree press, new opportunities are exposed. My one purpose is to participate to a forum on the complexity of urban density and to examine its makers throughout the world.

The “Buy Now” PayPal button (below) entitles the contributor to a copy of Density Chapter I and table of contents via email for the purpose of developing a partnership. Think of it as a one of those $4.99 movie purchases. The cost in this case involves your consideration to author and develop content on the idea of density.

I envision the idea of regionally or city-based writers willing to continue the development of the project. The goal of the partnership is to produce a complete and continuous online exploration of the success (or failure) of dense urban environments. Perhaps, the use KML code will add an important function. The objectives implied by this goal will require the expertise of many contributors with a variety of skills.

Excerpts from a working draft of Density and an offer to join in the development of its unique “world author partnership project” can begin by sending an inquiry HERE

Commissions on Amazon books below will be assigned to our effort.

Density Chapters
Chapter One $5.00 USD
Chapter Two $5.00 USD
Chapter Three $5.00 USD


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