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June 18, 2014, DoITT Report Slams Verizon

DoITT is the agency responsible for a level of review.  Please volunteer to delve into its mysteries and possible service to AKNA. The New York City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) June 18, 2015 report analyzed Verizon’s FiOS service in New York City. It concluded that it failed to deliver by a wide margin.  The audit found 40,000 open requests for FiOS service 75% been open for a year or longer.

Verizon responded to DoITT’s findings on June 12, 2015. The full text of the response is included as an addendum to the DoITT report.  DoITT has made it clear that Verizon’s responses did not materially alter the facts stated in the findings.

  • It has spent $3.5 billion in its New York-area FiOS rollout of 15,000 miles of fiber.
  • That the report is made public just before labor negotiations begin with the largest union is a ploy.
  • The report is based on erroneous factual conclusions and incorrect interpretations of the Agreement, particularly its conclusions on Verizon’s passing all of the City’s households with fiber-optic facilities.
  • The challenge we have is gaining access to properties, which of course, would expand availability. We look forward to working with the City to seek solutions to this issue.

If you subscribe to WSJ, the story is HERE.  The full report can be downloaded as a PDF HERE.  Or go to the DoITT site above with the option for a text version and other documents on this issue.

If you want to fight against broadband discrimination and promote net neutrality know this — three bills in Congress have already been introduced to makes us pay more for slower speeds.

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  1. Went through “The Verge” articles on Verizon for an entertaining ride through “comments” see Here

    Bottom line? It seems to me that the only person to take Verizon to task will be Eric S. our fearless NYS Attorney General, so I dropped him a note suggesting that this corporation’s immediate dismissal is as “telling” as it is disturbing.