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Fact Checking People

“Facts are things known that need to be proven as A word of caution ‘Believe none of what you read and only half of what you see’ to get better questions. The desire of “camps” is to communicate their messages first and facts second. Media advisers and psychologists find the proof of communication in persuasion leading to action. Whether millions votes or cans of beer that is the only proof needed, an ethical communications standard is not required. The friends of the “fact checking world” gives perspective and the ability to set your standards.”  

Rex L. Curry        

A proven and reliable debunker of false statements


Dedicated to public education on media bias and deceptive news practices 

Annenberg Public Policy Center’s focus on political statements

Politi Fact           

Rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others in American politics


A professional encyclopedia of American politics and elections

Open Secrets      

Tracks money in U.S. politics – nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit

Truth or Fiction

A mishmash and hodgepodge of all the bull on the internet, but lacks focus

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