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The rules embedded in the freedoms of wealth need not apply to the acquisition of ideas about how to understand ourselves and the world.  Some of these rules prescribe the energy needed to sustain the security of mind and body and extend from the term of life encoded in DNA to that regressed to the mean length of all lives. More recently, the unrepresentative, independent capacity of everyone to express their personal views to everyone else has begun on a massive scale. Luckily, there is a membership gatekeeper that will sooth the sensitive dependence of witnesses to these chaotic conditions.

Specific organizations offer privileges through a hierarchy provided by paywalls and fees. Therefore, observers have a direct way to define the distinctions that reveal the “elite beings” of the world. It is called the cost of membership. The right of wealth to the purchase of services or products that assure maximum wellbeing is unquestioned. What must be questioned are the lines crossed that diminish the wellbeing of all others.

Thankfully, for just a few dollars and freely available online, it is possible to see the world in which the wealthy are convinced they live that Reich sees for what it is, a “Wonderland,” where the security of life is slowly but surely formed by isolation and a pecking order of disconnectedness.  This is the Wonderland of the oligarchs. Time named Robert Reich as one of the “Ten Most Effective Cabinet Secretaries of the Twentieth Century.”

Reich’s newly formed  Inequality Media presents facts.  It is an essential way to spend the hours needed to clearly see where the economic lines are drawn and when crossed in the book of sand that is American Democracy will be challenged with enormous energy.  The existence of American Democracy is built on coming together as a diverse people dedicated to ending oppression with a powerful, “but then again” view of change.

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