Water Edge

FXFOWLE Noirdhaven Image

FXFOWLE Noirdhaven Image

The most recent to come to our attention is the “Nordhavnen: City Regenerative project in Copenhagen.  It represents yet another idea of living on the edge.  Ceated in FXFOWLE’s Urban Studio a 200 hectare (494.2 acres) container port and cruise ship terminal  will transform into 12,500 units serving a population averaging 40,000 annually.  This makes the gross density peninsula about 25 units per acre, averaging 80-85 people people.

FXFOWLE is the recipient of the 2009 World Architecture News (WAN) Urban Design Award for the plan.  A declared component outside of the usual sustainable design collection are Global Building Modules (GBM – Eldon Scott and Eric Reynolds) Perhaps this component beyond all others responds directly to the question of using infinitely recyclable material.

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