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Peace in Truth?

On the question of truth, the advice I give to colleagues is to use the best source I know of for knowing what is true.  It begins by taking a walk of about a square mile around your home or work.  Tune your senses to a reflective mode to include where you would not or could not go. 

‘Truth is one object of living, but not always of life.” RC

Your state election officials need to be watched about a modest but persistent movement in American electoral politics determined to change the Constitution of the United States as “originalists,” meaning going back to the time of the framers.  The argument is to reduce “federal overreach.” Here are some of the ideas. Read them as if landmines on a street where you live.  When you cross the path of your state legislators ask questions drawn from the following ideas that organizations such as the Freedom Caucus, composed of House Conservatives, ALEC, (ALEC Exposed)which writes legislation for political representatives and others such as the incongruously named Center for Public Integrity that promote workshops for state legislators.  Where are the alternatives to these organizations?

Read the Constitution along the following line of thinking

Two leading ideas are the implementation of “term limits” on all members and rules that the deficit will not increase without a two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress. Two interesting ideas that are popular, yet in the 21st century it directly leads to people sent to Congress by sizeable private interest groups bent on the destruction of what they believe are impediments to their wealth such as the Commerce Clause as it has developed to meet 21st century needs.

If the regulating commerce between the states was eliminated or curtailed, national regulations governing human safety today and, in the future, could be made subject to congressional self-interest interventions. Rules could exist in a few states would allow a toxic metal such as lead in the water and would be “OK”  in comparison to other States that would consider the idea dangerous.  Putting communities in this kind of safety lottery would be for the lack of a central source of accountability.

You will also find an interest by Constitutional originalists in repealing the 16th Amendment and yielding this power to the states in ways that would include the ability to rescind any federal law, executive order or regulation.

Do not focus on elected feds alone, a national convention of states is partially underway to revise the U.S. Constitution that would take Americans back to a time when slavery was lawful and when guns were not super lethal, or corporations did not have global scope and power.  As frightening and potentially authoritarian as this could be, remember it will also be in your backyard in where you accept a member of a local paramilitary group or you do not.

One More Thing

When small groups create and control social structures, the authority is diverse, flexible, open, and temporary, but in a consensual participation model, a group may also define “a cell” carries a different connotation. The actions of an actualized interest group (or cell) can be good or bad. Margaret Mead experienced the subtleties of sexism from her profession and in her work but settled the question about small groups by telling us not to doubt their ability to change the world because of this how it happens. Finding ways to assure a more significant number of the former over the latter is the central challenge. The kids who learn the most are the ones who learn to share.

I  ask one thing of you, read and then share, copy and paste, reveal and get a “steal this book” attitude, all 10,000 of you.  Do this to share ideas with your 10,000 and their thousands about things that must be done by all in the hope that common ground and consensus on actions to which agreement is possible (at least somewhat) will form the bond that prevents violence as part of the social order.

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