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Future of Indivisible

What Happened presents many ways to unpack what and who may have been responsible for the 77,000 votes in just three states that produced the 2016 electoral majority. Two behaviors are the most troublesome: FBI Director Comey’s announcement a few weeks before the election and multifaceted forms of Russian interference.

Also, two strategies failed.  First, dancing with big money proved far more problematic than being big money and second, allowing the vigorous reform movement led by Bernie Sanders to wither.  That is the book in eighty words.

Comey-like impact on voter opinions may not repeat in future elections, but launching an active reform agenda to counter global corporate interests appears insurmountable.  An incompetent commercial media serves the current communications environment and building alternative networking forums will require exponential growth and integration as a countermeasure.

Due to a genuine belief in the goodness of people what the book partly neglects is the ongoing erosion of an independent press and how it strips and chips away at democracy’s sacred institutional promises. That why we are day to day with Indivisible.

2018 with Indivisible

The lack of reform in the institutions that hold Democracy’s assurances as their core beliefs continue to render three products.  First, a sustained condition of dismay and confusion, second the overt encouragement of tribalism and third the subtle encouragement of authoritarian solutions. The 2018 elections will show how the “liberties” argument within the reform movement still .hold the vote cards on change.

2020 with Indivisible

The irony In a society a violent as America in its homeland and throughout the world is the irony of common ground is the debate on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is here where the fear of government overreach reveals secret and hidden-in-plain-sight levels of corporate control of government agencies and related institutions. It seems the natural desire to protect our liberties and the genuine interest in rooting out corruption has become an essential marriage that will achieve the assurance of a straightforward result. Perhaps a more apt description of common ground is a level playing field.

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