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Be in Chicago on Monday, April 27 beginning at 8:30 a.m. on the UIC campus 725 W. Roosevelt Rd. It is open to the public for $25 with tickets via the Forum’s website: Two ways to look at it — cities are crucial to “recovery†from crisis or urbanism itself is a discursive human event that begs the question. x Needed improvements to recovery systems challenge the very foundations of American governance. On this point three useful forums in this year’s Richard J. Daley Urban Forum (UIC) will be enriched by the attention of the Vice-President Joe Biden, but hopefully the Vice President’s attention will be given to Brookings’, Bruce Katz “We are a Metro Nation and it is time to start acting like oneâ€. (See below)

Two of the panels are expected, however, the surprise may be embedded in the deal making third panel.

  1. Economic Recovery and Urban Reinvestment, addressing the impact of national stimulus plans and regional and local initiatives on urban areas as well as key obstacles to these recovery efforts;
  2. Economic Revitalization: Education and Healthcare, exploring how citiesas the center of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurshipcan take the imaginative steps needed to climb out of today’s world recession in a way that reaches far beyond urban areas; and
  3. Global Town Meeting, where mayors from more than 30 cities will describe their programs in response to the global economic crisis.

How crucial to recovery is regionalx urban governance? x  The Urban Forum, holds the UIC Forum atx 725 W. Roosevelt Road.x  It is open to the public.x  Tickets can be purchased for $25 through the Forum Web sitex (above).x  x If you want to talk to someone give Ellie Abrams a call 312/573-5516 or write: You can also get in touch with Bill Burton, UIC 312/996-2269

The big picture was outlined in November 2007 by Bruce Katz in just 32 minutes.
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For the video presentation click herex  or here


Bruce Katzx x is Vice President and Director, Metropolitan Policy Program
See Brookings:x  Presentationx and more x Recent Blueprint Articles


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