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Improving Schools

Issue: Children are not performing at grade level (Math & Language Arts (ELA). The implementation of state-wide school funding transparency with federal legislation incentives.

Response: The families of the Ninth CD hold a better life for their children in high esteem.

Will you introduce legislation to produce targeted federal support that help kids catch up to grade levels?  Will you assure the expansion of pre-K services will continue?

New York City’s career academies and vocational training centers will continue to excell with increases federal matching funds.

Will you support funds for the addition of smaller, high-quality High Schools and more learning choices for our kids?

Will you support for New York State’s elimination of tuition for all two- and four-year colleges operated by the city and state will strengthen and support federal legislation that supports this initiative?

In 2001, Lynn and Philip Straus, gave a $7 million endowment to Bank Street, its largest private donation. Ongoing support includes an additional $5 million endowment aimed at improving the educational opportunities of children from low- and moderate income households.  New York City is packed with universities and highly trained educational professionals.  Several new schools have been built in the Ninth Congressional District.

Will you work to understand the education districts and these new schools that are part of CD9 and help identify their needs with these professionals?  Will you get combinations of city, state and federal funds to close the edcation gap in these schools?

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