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If one thing could damage the Republic, it would be the strategies and tactics of “divide and conquer.” The folks that created Indivisible organized it in the aftermath of 2016. Everything discovered since that national election tells us that a revival of interest in local, state and national thinking is needed to reaffirm the purpose of democracy.

Rex L. Curry

Task: select representatives with new resources for voters. Complacent incumbency no longer functions well. That used to be OK, but no longer. Whether you want to put people on the street to canvas or organize on an issue to get people into the voting booths in your election districts or just make an informed decision and vote, this page starts local and goes global.

There are several hundred posts and pages in this resource. All of the tinged with this opinion. The G.O.P. has been warped by the obstructions of McConnell, the disturbing forgiveness of the Evangelicals, the odd dissembling of Limbaugh and the misdirection of FOX.  When Tom Friedman offered up a call for a “unity government” in his opinion in a NY Times opinion April 7, 2020 (here). Sure, like that is going to happen.

The following components deal with local to national political action.


Attempts to make sense of the national political matrix are aided with analysis and experience with a home district. I live in the 9th CD and use it as a lens for community boards, city and state representatives in a common but over lapping political geography. To start:

The Ninth CD
More on CD 9


The blueness of New York State as a reflection of the national mood reflects, the progressive values of diverse urban centers, while much of the suburban to rural counties appear conservative with many leaders prone to corruption. To start:

Represent Us


Turning facts into policy is breaking down into a dialogue with zombies the way Paul Krugman sees it. The attempt here is to seek ideas from think-tanks and policy groups who are trusted for their commitment to facts and thoughtful outlook. To start:

Tweet-O-Rama Master

Recent Posts on Urban Politics

Review the Rules

Rules In all of our worlds (social, political, economic, biometric) we search for things considered necessary. We see closed doors, glass ceilings, and tables with no invitations. The good news is we have a set of new rules that could make change more positive. A way to develop answers to questions about change rest with […]

CD Choice

Examine Your Lack of Choice On June 26, 2018, the residents of the Ninth Congressional District had an opportunity to test leadership in Congress on criteria established by voters. Clarke won by a slim margin. Challenged again in 2020 she won again big time. Adem Bunkedekko was the closest rival, capturing 17% of the vote […]

Club Democrats

Take a look at all of the “political clubs” in Brooklyn.  Rarely are these outfits exposed as viable components of local leadership, merely those who have a detailed understanding of the inner workings, tips, and tricks of a Board of Elections system that needs to be Repealed and Replaced. Congress Member for Life Why did […]

The World of Ideas

A conservative friend of mine argues that everyone’s property is no one’s property, and wealth left is valued by none. Why? I said with a few examples brewing, but then she says, “Who would be fool enough to wait to use it when the next moment, it could be used by another?” I interrupted with […]

Connect the Council

City Council The New York City Council has 51 members with two-term limits of four years. The relationship between the city, the state and national government is complicated. A close examination of issues that confront the City Council Members should include those the state and federal government share. The focus here is on the eight […]


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