FiOS is now available in my neighborhood and that is the only reason much of the material linked through “neighborhood” exists. It took a year and a half and help from Common Cause to get it done. In the words of one of NYC’s mayor’s after a long losing battle with a neighborhood, “Great, now they’ll think they can get whatever they want.” He was right. Organized neighborhoods in partnership with a city-wide group can get what they want.

Yea! Thank you for all your help, friends and neighbors. The posts related to getting FiOS or an alternative. If any AKNA residents, friends and colleagues want to take on some new issues, this section awaits some ideas.  For example:

  1. Ideas on day-to-day issues, e.g. house sitting, contractors, observations on the new housing site, and so on
  2. The Ninth Congressional  District.  Vote as a block for local representatives is the only way to put squeak in the wheel.
  3. Add a comment anywhere where you see the form below.   
  4. In consideration of a slowly deteriorating service from Yahoo, the link below is an alternative for neighborhood communications of use to us all.

More on East 21st Street
Ninth Congressional District
Everything Else Use Group.IO


The working-class neighborhoods of New York do not need a long-term comprehensive plan to solve their housing problem. They need fifty-nine strategic plans focused on housing. Why? Every problem is a housing problem. There is a slight chance of sustaining existing affordable housing and building a lot more to meet the need, but not without […]

Planning Together: Part VII

One Take…Subcommittee on Capital Budget  and Committee on Land Use  The underlying theme in the February 23, 2021 hearing on the proposed legislation examined one point.  Where and how can long-term planning fit into the city’s policies regarding the budget, land use, and zoning? Best comment heard… if the city could fix the digital divide […]

Planning Together – Part VI

Political people, perhaps more than many others, live in a dichotomous world.  They run for office, care about issues, and have a political ideology. They are required to express instinctive and emotional thoughts. Still, when it comes to making decisions, we expect them to be more deliberative and logical. They are ordinary people, and we […]