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Criminal Justice
Issue: Prison is a failure of humanity and a perversion of justice.

Response: America’s prison population is composed of low-income black and brown people. The unfairness of this exhibits the failure to serve people of color with the destruction of systemic racism in America. It has made 3.1 million Americans unable to vote despite paying their debt to society.  It is wrong, and it will change, just as the documentary 13th will change you, if it hasn’t already.  See Ava DuVernay.

The Brennan Center for Justice produced a report entitled, Criminal Justice: An Election Agenda for Candidates, Activists, and Legislators (here).Will you read this report and will you encourage your constituents, friends and neighbors to subscribe to the Center’s newsletter and join the reform movement?  You can help (see map below).

The Vera Institute is a nonprofit national program for criminal justice reform. Will you support and encourage your constituents, friends and neighbors to become members? On June 13, 2016, NYC’s Criminal Justice Reform Act became law.  Will you demand an evaluation of its progress in NYC? Will you call your state representatives to demand state laws will conform to this initiative?  The Brookings Economic Analysis of Poverty provides a comprehensive overview of the issues affecting the efforts of people to build a more civil society.  Will you read and comment on its content?

Jobs and Power
Who are the employers in CD9 that share power with employees in the development of their businesses?

Response: Worker-owned and cooperative small businesses can make a difference. What new local, state and federal tax policies will encourage industry to share profits and prioritize resident employment?  The Murphy Institute (CUNY) started the Community and Worker Ownership Project (CWOP) to support worker-owned cooperatives, economic democracy, and community planning. As CD9 represents many nationalities another excellent source of global action in this area is Worker

As residents of a community where job injustice is prevalent do you know or can you find owners of business that can help patronize locally-owned businesses?

Or pick a place to get to  know better.  Here is a location guide:

The person to go to on this to get started is Jeff Coltin, a staff reporter at City & State. He covers New York City Hall. @jccoltin

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