So much time is spent on the “big stuff” that the important things that make that possible go unnoticed. 

This section will hopefully be run and operated with the vision and leadership of young people between 12 and 17.   More than other professions, urban planning introduces people to their civic life and strongly suggests a more powerful role in determining the course of investment by “the public” and “private” investors.

To proceed the discussion will follow six tightly organized themes presented by the faculty and students of AUC.

1.   Urban Planning History – study of achievements, movements, trends in Urban Planning over time

2.   Open Space and Green Space – preservation or creation of open spaces, conservation, impacts of development

3.   People and Community – fostering the social infrastructure that allows for greater community understanding and participations; housing & social services

4.   Economic Development – job creation, fostering economic growth, business attraction and expansion

5.   Transportation and Infrastructure – roads, transportation, sewage, etc.

6.   Urban Design and Place-Making – focus on organization of buildings in space (not individual structures) and aesthetics

Seeking leadership….

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