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Life Imitates Malfunctions

This section on malfunctions prepares a larger narrative. We are working on how America has 1) an unqualified health problem that includes the inability to self-study health challenges. The importance of recognizing how 2) equality and equity for all Americans requires a system change that clearly shows the flow of equity as a factor of race. Central to these issues is how capital has become 3) more digitally fungible today than in the entire history of civilization, and the door is wide open for thieves. The most perplexing malfunction is that 4) trust and confidence appear broken as agents for change. These are the vague, often confusing signals of malfunctions in America. They feed and multiply combinations of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance of which American’s are uniquely susceptible, and there is no one helping the American people figure it out.

Introduction to Malfunctions

The weakening state of America’s physical and mental health and the inability to build a platform for advancing equality and equity are malfunctions aggravated by a growing number of uncaptured thieves busily destroying ordinary people’s self-confidence and trust in change. The following examines all four of these observations through a lens of how problems should be defined to eliminate the axis of contention now tearing at the American spirit.

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