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Number Truth

Based on viewing numbers alone and with no other consideration, it is time to pay more attention to getting more attention. Truth-telling is freedom, and so is lie telling. How long will it be before all writers and directors, artists, and organizers require an authoritarian state actor’s approval? How long? The power of the lie to change lives is always closer than anyone believes possible. The following examples involve respected actors, and there are animations. All of them focus on the truth of living in a democracy. Imagine if a hundred proven communicators could be enlisted to emphasize the trouble democracy faces in just getting a simple search for the truth underway followed by action.


Published April 30 2015
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Published February 27, 2019
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Published October 2018
29,000 views June 2019
Published on Nov 3, 2016

Get the Hammer

The whole truth comes from the artist who knows it deeply and the scientist who struggles with its variables to exhaust all other possibilities. The one lesson, the simple takeaway from these viewing minutes, is sometimes you need a hammer because the problem is a nail.

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