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Can a small group of people change the world? Seems it is the only way it ever has changed, but Mead’s popular insight did not refer to the United States Congress. To avoid getting caught up in the madness of the POTUS how. We think it best that to watch our own and keep them if they can prove they can be stronger together against a divide and conquer administration.

There are 12 Democrats in the NY Delegation.  The thirteenth member is the representative of Staten Island and a small part of Brooklyn. The links below will take you to individual Twitter feeds.  We are looking for volunteers to monitor their “togetherness.”

Twitter Feed and Website  Hard to Keep up 

3.   Tom Suozzi                                    District Map
4.   Kathleen Rice                                District Map
6.   Gregory Meeks                               District Map
5.   Grace Meng                                     District Map
7.   Nydia Velazquez                             District Map
8.   Hakeem Jeffries                             District Map
9.   Yvette Clark                                     District Map
10. Jerrold Nadler                                 District Map
11.  Dan Donovan                                  District Map
13.  Adriano Espaillat                           District Map
15.  Jose Serrano                                   District Map
Occasio-Cortez takes the primary from 4th ranked Democrat
16.  Eliot Engel                                      District Map

Engel’s district reaches upstate and retains the Democrats Nita Lowey (CD17) and Sean Maloney (CD18).  Three other Democrats are Paul Tonko (CD20), Louise Slaughter (CD25), and Brian Higgins (CD26).

Indivisible picked Dana Balter, NY-24 as one of just five national challengers as winners in tough races.

If there is interest in following any of the MoCs or if you are working to turn some of the red blue, please use the comment form below. To see the vulnerable seats upstate go to https://nydems.org

Indivisible Brooklyn (INBK) announced support for Liuba Grechen Shirley in her race against Peter King (R, NY-2).  Excellent!

Turn Long Island Blue

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