Focus on 2020

When I saw the bronze statue that stands before the bull, I remembered how the voice of resistance has its own internal power. Take a moment to recall the observations of Lauren Duca. Notice how she began to take control, remember the “male gaze” then look at that bull again.


This is what I learned.  With all the strength, you can muster, avoid the gaslighting practices of the POTUS-45 Administration and those who interviewed Ms. Duca in the aftermath. Pay more attention the entire congressional delegation of your state. Collins and Faso in New York used the potential passage of the House repeal/replace to attack their governor.

Here is an example Collins and Faso gaslighting of New York. They used the potential passage of the House repeal/replace Bill (March 2017) as a weapon to weaken a strong Democrat Governor via amendments (Full Story). Amendments as a political threat? Forget about the front door, they are using the one in the back.

Watch out for continued hysteria. Stay focused, the work is about 2018 (that would this year, right now, then 2020, and not 2016.


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