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Republican reps took a shot at damaging their governors if they were Democrats.  See Delegation Watch or use @NYDelegation

Examining Reps. Collins/Faso|
The New York State Example: As “repeal, replace” distracted health advocates for weeks leading up to the 24 March 2017 vote in the House and its July 2017 failure in the Senate, amendments to the legislation attacked the states with Democratic Governors.  A similar process on the Tax Reform legislation attacked states with Governors in the Democratic Party.     

In March 2017 the House sat 430 members, so just 216 votes would move a debate reheat in the Senate. Not to worry, the Senate messed-up the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. The vote did not occur, but something else was going on. Lesson: Watch the hand not performing the trick. Feb. 2018 435 — 238 (R) and 198 (D) and 4 (V). 218 is a majority.

As all 50 states began to look at the price, a political strategy in New York of keen interest to the students of power emerged. An amendment to the repeal bill by two New York Republicans (Collins and Faso) would require NY State to pay for county Medicaid costs. Currently, the federal government pays 51 percent, and the state’s share is 36 percent. Counties are responsible for 13 percent.

The Collins Faso amendment forces the State government to absorb the county share. Pulling the “raise tax” burden away from the county legislators and putting the burden on Albany would, therefore, weaken a strong Democratic Governor. Here are a few more of the messy details.

The Collins Faso amendment would have forced the state to pay $2.3 billion and cover this added cost with a tax increase or other means. Lt. Gov. Hochul’s report added that the repeal plan added another $2.4 billion. An analysis report (here) breaks down the county costs. The Lt. Governor’s statement report is here. Bill Hammond of the Empire Center offers a “thought experiment” regarding the purpose behind the exclusion of NYC in the “Collins Faso” strategy. It seems if NYC was not exempt; the tax burden shifts away from the city and onto the upstate counties and Long Island.

Why Say All This!

The POTUS45 Republican Congress performance is either artificial or subject to the cunning of others. The hand not watched does the real work of a trick, and even if you are watching, it’s hard to see. Replace and Repeal included attacks on Dem. Governors. Shortly after the vote passed the House Bill and put it to the Senate. Governor Cuomo began to take a sharp look at how to fight back.  A good place to have a look will be at his website,, where you can review his Administration’s initiatives and familiarize yourself with his office and our state government.

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