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As we keep our fingers crossed about Verizon’s accountability to AKNA and NYC, please take a moment to add this squeak to our wheel.  It only takes a minute to do this speed test recommended by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and now Latitia James with the question are you getting what you are paying for using this link.

The Office of the New York State Attorney General is investigating consumer Internet speeds. We encourage New Yorkers to test their broadband speed at home and submit the test to help our office determine what internet speeds consumers are receiving.

We are way below the speed promised, so it is imperative to help this office.  Eric is probably the best AG NYS has seen in a very long time.  The top law enforcement officer of NYS will have a great deal to say about Verizon’s franchise agreement if we help him do it…

If you are wondering where Scott Stringer is on this you have to go back to 2013 for the audit report: have a look here Audit Report on the Compliance of Verizon New York, Inc. with Its Cable Franchise Agreement FM12-085A December 9, 2013  He is pressing for Mayor – perhaps he knows where this body is buried.

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