The Neighborhood

FiOS is now available in my neighborhood, It took a year and a half and help from Common Cause to get it done. In the words of one of NYC’s mayor’s after a long losing battle with a neighborhood, “Great, now they’ll think they can get whatever they want.” He was right. Organized neighborhoods in partnership with a city-wide group can get what they want.

Yea! Thank you for all your help, friends, and neighbors. The cost involved in getting FiOS or an alternative was one simple thing effective participation. If any AKNA residents, friends, and colleagues want to take on some additional system change, this section awaits all ideas.  For example:

  1. Ideas on day-to-day issues, e.g., house sitting, contractors, observations on the new housing site, and so on. We are a multi-racial community. What would it take to address systemic issues?
  2. The Ninth Congressional  District.  Vote as a block for local representatives is the only way to put squeak in the wheel. I have nothing against Evette Clarke, but lifelong incumbency is a weakness of democracy. There are no legislators on her staff, just publicists.
  3. Add a comment anywhere where you see the form below.   
  4. Considering a slowly deteriorating service from Yahoo, the .io link below is an alternative for neighborhood communications of use to us all.

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Ninth Congressional District
Everything Else Use Group.IO