Pay Attention!

Know the following things:

It is too late for sustainable development because the public discourse has difficulty with subtle, conditional messages so realize the following:

Growth advocates change the justification for their paradigm rather than changing the paradigm itself.  (Coal and gas remain the source of power for electric cars.)

  1. The global system is now far above its carrying capacity. 2030 ends the future expected by most. 
  2. We act as if technological change can substitute for social change. It will not.
  3. The time horizon of our current system is too short. The super wealthy have built and stocked their hideaways.  

The term resilience is used as a replacement for confidence. The main changes are upon us and Dennis Meadows who said the above knows the time to invest in resilience has begun.  The estimates for a stabilized and sustainable world calls for about 3% of the world’s GDP.  Resilience will cost more than that, but now there is no choice.

Another way to pay attention is from The Guardian

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