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“You have to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.” Yogi Berra

The following draft survey is designed to define your interest.  Log in is required.  It is just an idea.  It has not been developed.  I have to figure out how, what if and so on.

Draft Survey The final will have a link here for digital compilation.

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  2. Name:

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Interest in participation on the question of density is based on my primary skill as:

  1. Architect
  2. Urban Planner
  3. Urban Designer
  4. Landscape Architect
  5. Wilderness Advocate
  6. Conservationist/Preservationist
  7. Cultural Anthropologist
  8. Social Scientist
  9. Other Designer (Industrial, Communications, and so on)
  10. Writer Researcher
  11. Attorney (development rights transfer only)
  12. Student of blank (see next question)

I have “other” interests and skills as follows:

Text list for additions to the above to describe full skill set.

Check Box Request:

Given the primary skill sets identified above please select a main area for development that will most likely meet your professional purposes and includes a desire to report and share data and ideas:  (please limit checks to three or less)

  1. Exploration of the successes and failures in historically dense urban places
  2. Evaluation of successes and failures of newly forming super-dense places
  1. Analysis of main issues confronting low-density places
  2. Analysis of methods to keep low-density places super-low.
  1. Examination of places where density should occur in low-density places
  2. Examination of wilderness preservation and defragmentation methods
  1. Review of ongoing regulatory efforts to limit lateral urban growth
  2. Review of success and failures of transit oriented development
  1. Unique Dense Urban Development Ideas (Charter City, Romer, etc.)
  2. Humanitarian Initiatives (SEED/LEED)

Check Box Request

Urgency is added to the selected specialties above and driven by the unique conditions of our time.  Please check three influences that affect your approach to problems solving most directly

  • Climate Change (extreme weather: drought, flood, fire, GHGs and resiliency)
  • Energy Use (renewables, consumer cost, efficiency and sustainability)
  • Mass transportation (rail, light rail, bus and personal urban mobility vehicles)
  • Consumption and trade (economics, well-being and status quo alternatives)
  • Social and economic justice issues ( hot buttons, special needs, poverty, equity)
  • Air, water and food quality (supply, protection, and urban connections)
  • Wilderness Preservation and Development (beyond the park/visitation idea)
  • Transdiciplines (biomimicry, cognitive science, public open access practices)

Climate, energy, transportation, trade, social justice and the survival basics above are prime concerns but not exclusive.  Add distinct “urgency category” for inclusion below. The text area is limited to a 100 characters, but please add new, or enhance existing learning domain below:

This is abstract but when push comes to shove I am of the:

  1. sea
  2. city
  3. green

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